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Strange PN offset and LTE physical identity (SCID) assignments in Michigan

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I don't have much knowledge about wireless technology so bear with me if I'm missing something.  I understand the basics of PNs and LTE IDs.  I'll be making another post asking for more information on all sector identifiers so look out for that. ;)  But first I was wondering what's going on in Michigan.


I just recently started tracking PNs and SCIDs, although I had already been tracking BIDs.  I can't track the HEX cell identities cause I don't have the right phone and I don't know of a database with them.  From what I've read and what I've seen in other markets, PN offsets tend to be sequential and differ by either 3 or 6 between the sectors of a site.  I also noticed LTE physical identities tend to differ by 169 between the sectors of a site.  For the sites around me I've been able to confirm the numbers for I get the following values:


PN offset (N, SE, SW)

Site 1: 114, 270, 348

Site 2: 18, 333, 444

Site 3: 495, 93, 315 (sectors are actually N, N, SW)

Site 4: 54, 267, 438


LTE physical identity/3 digit SCID (N, SE, SW)

Site 1: 21, 403, 26

Site 2: 406, 15, 11

Site 3: 203, 123, 220 (sectors are actually N, N, SW)

Site 4: 233, 223, 138


Is this normal?  I'm not seeing much of a pattern here, and these things have to be planned ahead since they are non-unique but can't overlap.  It's making it a serious pain to track them, since I have to be certain of what sector I'm connected to AND have to get all 3 for every site.  I'd much rather there be a pattern so I could drive by, grab one of them, and figure out the rest based on the one. Thoughts?



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Unfortunately, you are in a Samsung market (so am I), and the "169" offset for LTE sector ID's doesn't work. Wirhout a phone or hotspot that gives you the LTE cell ID, it is very difficukt to identify LTE sites.

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Unfortunately, you are in a Samsung market (so am I), and the "169" offset for LTE sector ID's doesn't work. Wirhout a phone or hotspot that gives you the LTE cell ID, it is very difficukt to identify LTE sites.

But will there be a pattern?  They can't just randomly assign them or they'll interfere, but I dunno if it's a complex assignment method that will seem arbitrary or if I collect enough of them I'll be able to extrapolate a pattern/algorithm. 


Is there any Samsung market that is well-documented?  I just noticed there's some info on Columbus in the sponsor section, but there the PNs always appear to differ by 3. :/

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What offset are the basestation IDs?

One.  Most of them follow the same pattern when converted to HEX as your 1x800 towers but with a few not fitting.  There are plenty of gaps but I'm still missing a lot of towers and I'm wondering if they'll change the ones that don't fit the pattern as well. 

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Yeah the 169 thing doesn't apply here.  The LTE sectors aren't sequentially numbered, but I can't find any pattern at all to them.


We have a site nearby that has sectors 465, 20, and 414.  The only thing I know must be maintained is that there cannot be two identically numbered sectors within radio range of each other.

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