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  1. It would also be nice to see them weight by how old the data is, or even put a filter that allows you to only show data collected in the last (whatever time interval). Also giving stronger signals more weight, so it's not diluted by people mapping while indoors or with phones without every band. Sprint results got diluted because so many people mapped so much when it was just B25, which makes the all-time aggregate signal strength appear weak almost everywhere. I also don't like that it basically shows you "here's where at least one person ever got a signal, even if 99% of the time you can't get a signal here." When multiple people map and fail to get LTE on a previously mapped area, it needs to count that against the fluke points and remove coverage from the map. I think that's a big one: I don't like seeing so much purple on the map where I know no phone on any band can get a usable signal - you might as well use the carrier's own coverage maps at that point. Basically it's a great service for a casual viewer who wants to get a ballpark idea of coverage for carriers, but the way it was originally coded in many way makes it less accurate over time. Under new ownership, and depending on how the data was originally collected, I'd love to see them implement a few changes that would make their maps much more accurate/valuable to consumers.
  2. Good poll. I wonder if we're the only site that is likely to have RF performance at the top. Some things I didn't choose because they can be made up with another. For instance, adequate battery life would not be necessary if a phone had very fast charging, or maybe a removable battery. Also, not having a card slot isn't a deal breaker if a phone has more internal storage than I think I'd ever need (sadly they tend to charge 5 to 10 times the actual cost of the memory for increasing internal storage space). Although now that I'm thinking, I voted for size of device, but if they made a larger phone that rolled up or had a foldable screen I wouldn't need it to be so small...hmm...
  3. Are you specifically asking about Netflix-created series, or any series that Netflix carries?
  4. I was going to do suggest this as well. Every time a new Nexus phone is announced or rumored, you have to hunt for who is manufacturing it. Perhaps a sticky thread with a link to the correct thread in the manufacturer's forum as well to eliminate the hunting. The reverse would also be fine - have a Nexus forum that is only closed threads with links to the thread to each Nexus model in the appropriate manufacturer's forum. It would be most valuable to casual visitors who aren't going to spend time hunting down threads and would instead just go to another forum to find info and opinions when they can't find the threads here.
  5. Did you read this article on April 1st? Desalinated water only costs about twice as much as fresh water. They'll just build more plants if they need more water. Even if they went to 100% ocean water it would only cost a few hundred dollars more a year per person for residential use.
  6. The yellows that highlight forums/threads with new content hurt my eyes. Too contrasty or not contrasty enough or something. I like the individual thread look, but not the forum view. Text is easier to read off a white background.
  7. Can anyone else confirm they did NOT take away eligibility for people who were already over 20 months? March would be month 22 for me, but I don't know how to tell if the account is eligible as I do everything in store.
  8. I guess he changed it to link to the whole letter at a left-wing site. You can just go there and read the letter in its entirety without reading either blog, and form your own opinions. But yes, it's true: politicians behave very differently when they are in power than when they aren't.
  9. Wow. I had lost all hope for the critical Nextel sites since they took all the equipment down. They had some of the best site locations in SW Michigan, and Sprint shut almost all of them down and left the existing CDMA middle-of-nowhere, makes-no-sense, signal-covers-a-few-trees-and-three-houses-before-becoming-unusable site locations. Now...where do I put in a request for specific IDEN locations?
  10. While I'm concerned that you have dropped your phone at least 5 times on concrete, I'm also troubled by the fact that your primary worry with doing so is whether the battery cover will come off, and not whether the phone will break. And btw, the cover coming off reduces the impact on the phone itself, making it less likely to break - it's actually a benefit.
  11. Why does everyone always say this? I know my area is an exception, but here Verizon had about 2x as many sites as Sprint (until we had 2 USCC conversions in the last month). Regardless of where I am, if Sprint were set up for 1900 as well as Verizon is set up for 850, Sprint would have to have nearly twice as many sites as Verizon in any given area. Sprint is nowhere near that.
  12. Are you certain? Because that doesn't make sense for them to charge more to borrow a phone than to buy it. And why do you have a deposit required when it says no down payment? Credit? Something's definitely up if they're charging more than MSRP to lease a phone for only 2 years.
  13. If you can buy the phone at the end for the remaining balance from the full price, it doesn't make any sense not to lease (compared to easy pay). If the remaining balance at the end of 24 months is more than the phone is worth, decline to purchase it. If the remaining balance is less than the phone is worth, purchase it and profit. At worst, you're exactly where you would be with easy pay, except you got to keep part of the money until the end which you could potentially earn interest on or invest. Example: $600 dollar phone Easy Pay: $25/month -> after 24 months you've paid $600 Lease: $15/month -> after 24 months you've paid $360. You have the option to buy the phone for $240 dollars Unless I'm missing some benefit of easy pay, it would be stupid not to lease.
  14. You're paying about $20 a month for your subsidy. So you'll pay $480 plus a phone to get $398. That actually sounds like a pretty bad deal unless you consider the time value of money (you make the money now and pay it back over the next 2 years) and trade in a worthless qualifying phone. You'll also be locked into your contract for 2 more years.
  15. Thanks! I made this for someone based on your info, so they could easily find the Spark GS3 on Boost. I figured I'd share here in case anyone else found it helpful. There's other minor differences in the boxes I didn't highlight.
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