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Travelling internationally - roaming charges?


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I'm travelling internationally today and I don't want to incur any roaming charges. What measures should I take? I went on a cruise once and Sprint charged me for some minutes even though I didn't make any calls.




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Your handset actually has a no roaming charge button.  It may be on the top or the side, and it is sometimes labeled "Power."





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I was just in Sault Ste Marie, MI and I made sure that our phones had international roaming voice and data disabled else we would have picked up service from Sault Ste Marie, ON since service is spotty out of town. Worked just fine.


A side note: I run Netmonitor so I wanted to log some Canadian BSIDs so I enabled international roaming once. It kicked over to Bell Mobility and I instantly received 2 text messages telling me what the rates were and how to contact Sprint concerning my plan and international roaming. I didn't think the charges were too far out of line with normal a la carte service charges.

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