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  1. CDMA on sprint will be running till 2022 at least. I don't call that soon. And EVDO 800 on fast bsckhaul is more than enough capacity-wise for truly rural places once the roaming rates go up.
  2. It's only needed in areas where its too rural and expensive since EVDO pcs goes as far as 800 LTE so 800 EVDO should go really far so less sites and cheaper to maintain. And 100MB roaming is not much.
  3. Good point BUT once there's a critical mass of people, there would ALWAYS be people on the site within the 14 days.
  4. As a sprint employee, could you please ask around what sprint'd do if people set up exchange websites? The info that you posted doesn't completely scare me away from an exchange. Maybe the website could be fancier ad have a middleman so your real last name wouldn't be revealed.
  5. What about if ALL TV spectrum got turn into supplemental downlink and tv used LTE broadcast? Then TV stations could sell it in the future without ANOTHER rebanding. Then interference would go away because you could put 5mhz LTE channels right next to each other right?
  6. I seriously wonder if it'll be legal to setup websites where people go to join a framily with whoever. Which begs the question for all you people in framilies: if you want to join a framily, what info will the holder of the framily see when you join one? Of course sprint would be pissed if everyone did this cause then arpu would be $25 + extra data for EVERYONE.
  7. What's eprp? I've now heard from a sprint store guy, people on this site, and an article stating that in April this Year no more subsidies meaning only Framily plans.
  8. I think OTA tv is an inefficient use of spectrum. Judge Judy, Maury, ricki lake reruns? Each 6mhz channel can host 3 separate streams so you have fox, NBC, abc, wb, upn, PBS, CBS. Reduce to 4x6mhz for TV and you can get 12 channels which is about how many I get on antenna. They won't be hd but access to hd is not a constitutional right.
  9. Since 800mhz LTE only goes as far as pcs EVDO, would it make sense, in rural areas only, to add an EVDO carrier to SMR and reduce LTE to 3mhz FDD?
  10. I wonder if apple has demanded an exception like if sprint still has to give the my way plans for people who want iphone?
  11. Ditto. Even if its 128kilobits or 64 that's enough to stream some of the more compressed music apps.
  12. Don't see how sprint will be competive with TMO cause 4 lines on TMO is $100 on sprint $160 and TMO will probably increase data from 500mv to 1gb to match sprint. And TMO has throttling not overages.
  13. I think dish is gonna sell its 40mhz downlink and E block to ATT. And H block to Sprint. And be done terrorizing the wireless industry.
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