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It seems you cannot search for 3 character terms using the search function here.  Since we use a lot of acronyms, it makes it very difficult to search for topics on such things as LTE, PRL, COW, RRU, GSM, PCS, GMO, 800 Mhz, etc.  Most of these terms rarely appear as anything other than the acronym/abbreviation, so searching for the full term doesn't help.  Is there any way to change the 4 character minimum at the very least when only searching in thread titles?  I can't imagine searching titles of the around 3000 or so threads we have here would put that much strain on the server even when only using a 3-character term. 


If this can't be changed, at the very least could we get a notice saying something like, "the following search terms were ignored for being too short."  I'd much rather see it allowed if possible, since combing through all the forums for a topic like GMO or PRL can be very inefficient, and encourages duplicate threads when one doesn't find what they are looking for. 

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We cannot do 3 characters search. We tried. Too many results to be useful and it reduces server performance. IP Board doesn't recommend three character searches on a site our size.


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You may have noticed that there is this quiet guy named Google hanging around The Forums all the time. He seems to know where most everything is located. So, if you need to find something, you should try asking him.



Can google index the restricted forums?  Because then they wouldn't really be restricted.  So it doesn't help with that. 


EDIT:  I should add I do get better results from google for the public forums for many searches. 

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