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Thoughts On the Samsung ATIV Q


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Q to Samsung: "Expect a lawsuit for using my Name."


So, its been about 2 weeks since the announcement of the Samsung ATIV Q Hybrid device and I must say I am so so thinking of getting it. The more I read about it the more I get that itchy buy it now feeling. 


I love the original idea of the Galaxy Note phone and even left one of my lines from Sprint to go to AT&T to get it. I feel in love with it but hated the network. Finally Sprint got the replacement and I left AT&T and came back to Sprint. The Note 2 makes the Note 1 look and feel ancient. I also became Apple Like and sheepishly fell in love with the S Pen. No other stylus would do.


Forward a bit and out comes the Note 10.1. Wow, an even bigger Note. Bought it and loved it. But as usual with time, the newness started to wear off and I used it less and less. Mainly because the Note 2 was big enough and manageable to carry around and use. Once home, I'm mostly on my PC (now a laptop since the PC died on me). And since I use alot of Office apps and bring work home, I really could not use the Note 10.1 as much as I wanted to.


Fast forward to present, my laptop is dying (or so it seems), so I decided to get a replacement. I sold the Note 10.1 and decided to get one of the newer Windows 8 laptops and found the Samsung ATIV tablet series. With two versions, the 500T and the 700T, it was only a matter of which one to get. After numerous reviews and research, I decided to get the lower model the 500T. Its like a transformer with a dock. (Plus it was cheaper and easier to find). In retrospect I should have gotten the higher 700T model.


Still, I love the 500T and since using it I've noticed...


The Good...

1-Almost like a laptop replacement (key word almost).

2-Detaches and becomes a tablet.

3-Battery life is alot more than my Note 10.1 

4-S-Pen works very well like the Note 2.


The Bad...

1-I miss the Android market and its apps

2-Getting used to Windows 8 hasn't been smooth or easy.

3-The apps in the Windows marketplace are way more expensive.

4-Not as fast due to the processor.


The Ugly..

1-Although battery life is long, there is no back up in the keyboard dock which would make it last even longer.

2-It only comes with 2GB ram

3-No SSD drive to put apps, docs in.


Then Samsung announces the ATIV Q. aarrgghhh


At first look it seems like my dream machine. Running both Windows (for work stuff) and Android (for play stuff) although Android is in a virtual machine, but still, dual OS. Awesome screen, bright enough for outside viewing. 


Only thing that stops me from throwing money Samsungs way when this device comes out is the following...

1-There is no cover to the display. regardless of Gorilla glass, I am sure it can get scratched.

2-4GB ram is not enough if you think about it but maybe with the new Haswell processor it might be. I will have to wait for reviews to see.

3-With Android being in a VM, I wonder how it will get updated.

4-I've only had 10, 11 inch laptops/tablets. I fear a 13 inch one may be too big. (But then again I said the same thing about the Note.)



Anyway, thats my story and I'm sticking to it,

So, what are your thoughts on the Samsung ATIV Q. 




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I want one too and since it has the full pc version of windows 8 I can hook up my phone to it and access the content of my phone on a bigger screen with ease just like a labtop, not to mention that it will take up less space than my laptop and have the same function for my college work. Also I love android and have been dieing to get a new tablet ( note 10.1 was my first choice ), but since this one has both OS's that I like, will also have the S pen, and be compatable with recent and new android or window phones fron samsung (note 3 :D) this tablet is right for me. :)

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Another thing that I just thought of. On the Galaxy Note 2, S4 and 10.1 Samsung has multi-window capability which allows two apps side by side to be shown and worked in. I wonder if that feature will be transferred over to the ATIV Q series. Maybe not since I believe multi-view is dependent on TouchWiz (I'm not 100% certain on that though). So if the Android on the Q stays stock as shown in the demos, then maybe it won't have multi-window view. It would be cool if it did though.



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