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  1. So no actual band 26 activation in south California yet, even though i was able to test this theory in really low LTE spots around the cities i visit and most if not all bounced me to this LTE band Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  2. Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk Got this yesterday in the Coachella valley but someone said it was not actual band 26??
  3. Here's a screen shot of were people have recorded having sprint LTE in Palm Springs (note: coverage should be better as more towers have been active, check sprint.com for coverage about your area.)
  4. Almost all of Palm Springs has LTE what phone do you have??
  5. Pass by there on my way to school speeds usually average 10-15Mbs on band 25 when there are no tournament there, those speed you posted are perfect for uploading pics, Web page, YouTube 480p without random buffering and may by 720p with a bit of buffering, so I really can't complain since I finally have LTE in Thermal, Ca (that 4% Verizon doesn't cover) T-mobile also doesn't cover here and Att is co-located with the Sprint tower. Her are some average speeds in the middle of nowhere. [emoji23] [emoji23] [emoji2]
  6. New site live with band 41 here in Indio, Ca got 56Mb up, 10 down really looking forward to the whole Coachella Valley getting it. ????????
  7. I had the Wilson 4G 460107 and it only amplified 3G on 1900mz spectrum and I know it was working because i got a 20-23 dbm increase as advertised but it would not work with band 25. I know I'm in a 4G area since I was able to pick it up 2 houses away from my place on LTE only mode with my single band GS4. So my question is does any one know why or have had the same issue with this particular model since since it's apparently supposed to work with the LTE bands of the 4 major cell carriers. (Ver, Spr, Att, T-mo) http://www.wilsonamplifiers.com/wilson-sleek-4g-23db-amplifier-kit-460107/ This is the link were I bout it, and still on special. here is a pic of the spec sheet for this model. I've read somewhere else that Sprint's G Block spectrum is not supported by this model, I'm in the Riverside County specifically in Thermal, Ca and not sure what block sprint uses here.
  8. So today a crew was and still is working on this tower that is a palm tree and about 2 weeks ago they worked on the one closes to me which is the monopole tower. Would that new white round attachment that is in between the Att panels and sprint panels on the monopole and the one below the NV panels on the palm tree tower mean that the towers are one step closer for LTE. Also as you can see to the left side of the palm tree there are 2 smaller and wider panels with one rru each, are these set for band 41, the rest are regular NV panels but with 2 rru's each.
  9. I talked to guy that works at a sprint store but not the corporate owned ones. He oversees 8 affiliated stores including a repair center and he told me that if you file a complain for a tower with a non corporate store about your service getting slow or getting dropped calls that they speed up the Network Vision process for the tower that you connect to the most. I'm tempted to try it as only one tower is close to me with in a 6 or 7 mile radius and all it needs is fiber backhaul connected to it and then get LTE tested.
  10. Really brings me down to see that they are showing coverage for 4G LTE where I live which isn't true since my tower is only 3g NV ((since May 2013 )) and its the only tower with in a 7 mile radius so when this bad boy goes under maintenance or a black out happens, which has been more likely during and after NV panels where installed I have to roam on Metro Pcs. But on the Bright side seeing what sprint expects to be covered in the next coming months or weeks ((fingers crossed)) really brings a smile to my face because from the lowest parts of Riverside county (( I live in Thermal, Ca)) to LA and San Diego will have a solid coverage.
  11. http://newsroom.sprint.com/news-releases/customize-your-framily-plan-with-the-all--new-15-international-connect.htm I think this is what you might be looking for
  12. That's true most of my family is in Mexico which is why the ones here in the US either have boost or Metro pcs, with this news they might just switch to sprint since they will have more coverage in the US and still stay connected to our family in Mexico.
  13. You might not be in range or LTE signal is weaker than your 3g, phone could have settings set as CDMA only and won't pick up LTE. Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
  14. Robert's post above yours and mine can give you the answer.
  15. Any news for Riverside County, it's been to quiet... I'm happy that I at least have LTE when I'm at work and school, but 3g is now unusable in the tower closest to me ever since it got nv panels last year in May and it was always above 1Mbs before the upgrade now it's at 10-30 kBs most of the time :/. Also only tower in my town with other towers being 7-9 miles away so when service is down u can really notice it. Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
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