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It's Your Lucky Day, Robert


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And after digging up the Cluckin' Chicken skit, I could not resist the urge to go to KFC for some grilled chicken. Damn you, chicken man, damn you.







So I Married an Axe Murderer may be my all time favorite movie!


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Had some fried chicken, turnips, sweet potato fries and mac n cheese for dinner last night, actually. 


Its easy to be picky in the south with fried chicken.. I prefer it to either be pan fried, or if from a big box place, extra crispy.  Typically, the more "home made" , the less greasy. 


The absolute best fried chicken I've ever had was cooked by a family on the "other side of the tracks" and brought to a giant picnic.  No deep fryer, just an old family recipe and a big black skillet. 


Extra crunchy death:



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Homemade fried chicken can't be beat.


Here in Tucson, Lucky Wishbone is pretty damned good though. Steak Fingers and garlic bread too... mmm. I think that's what I'll have for lunch today. haha

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I totally missed this yesterday, but I hope Robert celebrated appropriately!


Nope.  I'm on a diet.   :wall:


My wife did make me some yummy carne asada tacos, though.  I will celebrate fried chicken day this weekend on my diet cheat day, though.   :drool:



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    • I really wish this wasn't still so shrouded in mystery.  I see these phones available new on eBay (Boost locked, but again, I don't care) for $99, and would love to buy one of those and activate a Rainbow SIM on the $100/year plan, and I can't find a good answer on whether or not that is something that can be done, even if I drove down to Richmond to try to do it.  Don't really want to be out the $100 if they won't let me do it. - Trip
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