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Arizona Wildfires - Fire Fighters Down


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Hearing horrible reports of 19 Fire Fighters lost in Arizona battling the Yarnell Wildfire.  As a fire fighter myself, it strikes deep pain into my heart to hear this news.  My best wishes to anyone living out that way.  Get safe, and get safe fast.




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As a person who has lived in the Rural West the past 20 years and has been personally effected by several rangeland fires, it is with great gratitude that I give my thanks to those firefighters who risk their all for our personal safety and property protection.  Our prayers to those affected by this latest tragedy in Arizona.  Thank you to all who serve and have served in fire protection.  Our lives depend on it, and we appreciate it.



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Despite all our efforts to stay safe, Fire Safety Orders, 16 lookout situations; we still manage to get ourselves in bad situations. I'm not blaming the firefighters. As a firefighter, sometimes I reflect when I hear stories like this one.  Why do we send so many people to save trees that will grow by next year and burn in the next 10 years.  I do agree in saving property and I'll risk everything to save life, but I think as a profession, we need to stop risking so much life for wild land and work to contain away from the front lines.


Hopefully our department will send some type of help to Prescott in the coming days. Their focus is to grieve and not to fight this deadly fire anymore..   

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My cousin happens to know one of the fire fighters who died. Only 22 years old. :( Such a shame that they are gone. Praying for their family and friends.

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It is sad and disheartening when life is lost protecting others.  I wish the best for their families.

On a note for fires such as this, and with my slightly relevant knowledge on certain subjects, these fires could be minimized by just better land management.  This is one of the largest problems we have here in California and the cause is weeds.  I didn't watch the video yet, but I will assume it is probably large vasts of rangeland that is unkempt or areas where weeds are out of control and dried out. 

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    • Luckily, that hasn't arisen in my area where I am, aside from having B14 (well, ALL of AT&T signal) not work at all in Coosa county, Alabama. I wish there was a service for first responders that would go to ANY available carrier, provider, etc..and in the absolute worst case scenario, would give us service. I've been on an ambulance, trying to find an address, and my driver actually had to pull over and we pulled out a map book and tried to find the road using the "old fashioned way".. and that takes valuable time away that sometimes may be vital to someone surviving. BUT, I will say that I've only seen that in Coosa county... both my Tmo and AT&T phones had zero service and I couldn't get GPS, and neither could my driver (VZW service). Maybe satellite will help with that in those times where that occurs.. but that's an extreme example.     Edit to add: Let me add some context to this.. Coosa county isn't regular coverage area for my job.. so it's not a regular thing that we are dispatched to Coosa county.. and actually, there's been a change and that county now has it's own ambulance service that operates.. so the only time we might receive a request is if it's a multiple casualty scenario, or it's a transfer going home from our contracted hospital.  The way that reads above, it may seem like we are just out without some sort of GPS gadget to direct us on where to go, but for the most part, we know our coverage area pretty well. Dispatch can also give us cross streets for reference inside our coverage area (and our home county). Coosa just isn't a regular area for my job to run in. 
    • "Priority" doesn't mean "exclusivity."  When emergency services don't need B14, AT&T can use it for everyone else.  The trade-off is that when it is needed for emergency services, they not only get all of B14, but they have also arranged for priority on the rest of the AT&T network as well.  Beats having spectrum sitting unused most of the time and then not having enough when disaster strikes, as it could be without a partnership with a wireless company like AT&T. - Trip
    • I've wondered if being on the first responder plan has the priority over other 'regular' lines in the same way firstnet does (or, supposed to do with B14...I've seen normal customers on AT&T hit B14 so it's not {specifically} for Firstnet only)...  
    • T-Mobile prices people pay are all over the map. The free lines are key, so take them if ever offered again.  Your priority level would be a key factor for your price.  Only T-Mobile would know the average prices people pay.  Samsung has been offering very good deals at time of new model introductions so I have gone that route for factory unlocked, which allows me to also have a Verizon priority MVNO for when T-Mobile signal fails or I manually override.
    • I also wanted to post a speed test result.. I only do these once in a while from my home area because we are gonna be the last to see changes, like load balancing.  Right now they are digging all over the place for fiber installs, so I'm not sure what the hold-up is on making the upload speed a little more in-line with download speeds, but here is the most recent from my area:   https://www.speedtest.net/my-result/a/10133670525
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