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 Rumor has it that HTC plans on updating the HTC Butterfly. Assuming that they do update it and it makes it stateside, I wonder about a few details.


1) Will Sprint carry it?

2) Will it have 800, 1900 and 2500?

3) Would it continue the EVO line?


What do you guys think?

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Actually I think the Butterfly S which I think will have the same 5" screen will only be available in those markets that specifically got the original Butterfly and it may only be a slight refresh and not a full sequal.  So yeah, I am pretty certain that this phone will not come to sprint.  Now there has also been talk about the "t6" which is rumoured to have a 5.9" screen which is what my other thread is based on and I think most if not all major carrier will carry that phone.  

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The butterfly S has officially been revealed but like I said it will only be available in a few asian markets.  Unfortunately I can also confirm that no north american carrier has opted to carry this phone at this time, so for those hoping that it will come to sprint.




But I guess that technically the butterfly S won't come to sprint but sprint can release an evo variant of the butterfly S.  In either case I will still wait for the "t6" to be announced.

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