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any way to report signal problems to sprint on the internets?

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I have googled this and searched the forums here. Since I'm posting this you can correctly assume that I didn't find an answer.


Is there a way to report signal problems to Sprint through its website? Or do I have to call in and talk to someone?


The signal strength at my office has degraded from terrible to [insert expletive here]. It has always been bad, but over the last couple of weeks it has gotten worse.


My RSSI was -109 an hour ago; -116 this morning.  Currently at -100. I don't think I've gotten better than -100 since sometime in April.

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Currently there isn't an official way through the website, you can post in the Community, but that is primarily meant for customers to assist and answer each other's questions (something posted in the Community but no one seems to understand, there are only a handful of Sprint employees in there to moderate).You can call or go into a store to report an issue. The new tool (Network Pinpoint) used for it allows specific marking of locations, addresses, intersections, etc. so the more information you have about the location, the more accurate the info they can use when the Network team gets to looking at it.


I did bring this up as a suggestion a few months ago for consumer transparency and was told that systems were already being implemented to improve feedback like this. Then a few weeks ago the new Network Pinpoint tool was released to get feedback increasingly more up to date. The 12 year old system they used didn't cut it anymore obviously.

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I've used their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/sprint/app_337327162963179) and also their community page (http://community.sprint.com/baw/community/buzzaboutwireless/customer-service) with very good results. I use Christy in Care who is AMAZING and is very very well connected within the company to get just about anything done.

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I like twitter because its less time on hold and so forth. You can post most of what they need rather than being on the phone for hours when your busy.


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Just use the sprint online chat in the upper right corner of the website with the small thought bubble icon, or post in the community network area as a question and the socialcare will assist you.

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