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  1. Sprint is now offering static ip addresses for devices on the network for 3 dollars now. I think that is pretty interesting.
  2. If you have the money you could set up a public safety lte system with Motorola Solutions using the different devices like the lex 700. http://www.motorolasolutions.com/US-EN/Business+Product+and+Services/LTE+User+Devices
  3. Cannot uninstall fun and game app because it is integrated with sprintzone. Why not just separate it?
  4. I dont have a screenshot however I have this info today. 1 bar and 3gicon active. I am currently in pittsburgh now and cannot make calls or use internet(reset has fixed). 1x800 -103dbm eclo -11.5 sid,22427 nid,212 773 sector2 sprint 148 lincoln hwy
  5. Could be. But it happened yesterday again the 3g icon was active constantly and there was only one bar. No internet, calls or messaging available until phone reset.
  6. I noticed something strange this week. About five time when I would travel from Greensburg to Pittsburgh in PA, my phone still thinks it is connected to the Greensburg tower(1x 800 and it doesn't travel that far). The only solution is to reset the phone, then it operates normally. The question is; Why wont the phone roam correctly when I travel back to Pittsburgh? What causes a phone to be stuck on a certain tower.
  7. I use Seamonkey because it is like the old Mozilla and I only use IE for websites that do not support it.
  8. OK, yes the screen only shows -1 values and no BID when using signal check on the Torque. I will just end up leaving the location data services on and it works great, and as I don't think it is storing and tracking the device which might drain the battery. Thanks for the reply.
  9. I also just found out changing the SSID on WiFi to include " _nomap" prevents Google from storing your router information. Looks like a neat idea.
  10. In the location settings menu for my phone it says "enable wifi and mobile network location". Then it states anonymous location data will be stored by Google. Does this mean they will collect the data and drain the battery? Do any of you guys enable this feature and had any experiences with it and battery? (Also this is required for the geolocation for signal-check pro)
  11. My phone would not connect to the airave so they sent me a new one. However after awhile it started to occur again, so I called tech support and they told me to put my phone into "Sprint Only" mode for roaming and it seems to be working now. When coming into airave coverage my phone data connection was not switching over and that was the problem. But having to turn the feature on and off is a pain because when I go to school I must roam. Hopefully they are working on this issue. The fix for now is to put the roaming options into "Sprint Only" and this should help most of you guys.
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