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Google Play Music All Access


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If there is anyone who has an android and has not checked out this new service, I highly recommend you try it before 6/30 (the cost goes from 8 to 10$).


The first month is free.


It works hand in hand with the free 20k tracks you can upload from your own library, anything that you don't already have in your library, you can 'add to library' and stream and/or cache it on your android device.


There is radio type streaming, which has this awesome queue where you can see and edit upcoming tracks.. adding, removing, rearranging the queue however you want.


Subscribe to public playlists etc. Lots of genre selections and recommendations based on artist/album/track.


Yeah I realize that rhapsody/rdio/spotify have done alot of this for some time, but I think google has nailed it on integration with local device content, content you can upload to the cloud, and the all access for everything else.


Some downsides are, you don't get to keep or copy any of the cached tunes, and while you can stream to the web based music library, you can only cache them on a mobile device.


You may also want to enable the high quality downloads in the player options, the default quality is somewhat lacking.

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I'm using it.  I was already using Google Music to stream my library from the cloud anyways, so I'd thought I would give this a try.


So far I'm pretty happy with it.


I like the fact that the radio shows the next 15-20 songs or so.  And if you don't like anything in the future queue you can remove it

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Great topic! Thanks for your input and opinions on this guys. I'm curious to hear more, as I'm considering ditching my XM satellite radio account in favor of Google Music All Access.  

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Ditched my Sirius long ago after having it for 5 or so years after they removed my radio show I used to listen to.


Listened to Google music on one of the radio stations in a 3g area and was actually impressed it never sputtered even on high quality. It could have been since in was roaming during one area but I didn't notice if it was. Might end up keeping it. Now if only my 4g site that covers my work would handle the streaming during the lunch hours... 4000ms pings during the lunch crunch are not good for any streaming even if it is just audio over LTE.


Sent from my little Note2



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Google play Music All Access has come back with its Public Playlist Search. This faeture will let you search for other users’ playlist in order to look new music that engaged with your personal tastes.


Read the complete news here - Google Play Music All Access Update Brings Back Public Playlist Search


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