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Connecting to SID 22429!

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Shentel apparently flipped the switch (or Sprint accepted or however it works) on a few upgraded towers in the Lebanon Pa area. My brother reports LTE (and has mapped some on Sensorly) and I am connecting to SID 22429.


Now for a couple of questions....


SID 22429 is a 800 mhz SID for Utah....this is PA?


My phone reports SID 22429 but 1900 MHZ in the advanced menu screen?


My Debug screen shows


SID 22429

Band Class 10

Channel 476


What am I actually connected to, 1900 or 800? The SID would indicate 800 and I believe band class 10 is also 800 but my advanced menu screen reports 1900 and I have never seen this report incorrectly before.

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You would need the 800SMR testing PRL to connect to that 22429.


Sent from my little Note2



Unless you are in a market that is up and running with the line prl.


Can we get a list of those markets?

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