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Can an Epic 4G Touch connect to 800mhz on the current PRL?


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I have a question about my Epic 4G Touch and its ability to connect to an 800Mhz site on the current stock PRL.

The PRL number is 21096.


This weekend I will be traveling down to my In-Laws house which is in an area in Minnesota that is about 10 miles away from a 3g/800mhz accepted tower. And I would like to verify that it is broadcasting 800Mhz.

I was down there last weekend and through the signal check pro app I was able to verify that I was sometimes connecting to this tower, but I didn't check to see if it was via PCS or SMR that I was connecting.


This area is in rural Minnesota south of New Ulm, the town (if you could call it a town) is Searles and is roughly spaced 6-10 miles from all of the nearest sprint towers, so when I am down there I go between Roam (Verizon via the old Midwest Wireless network) and very faint Sprint signal. When I am on sprint down there my text messages will usually fail to send until I start to roam. So it seems like 800Mhz will definetly help this area of the state.


I know that there is a possibility that even though this tower is marked as 800Mhz complete that it may not be broadcasting or accepting connections, but I would at least like to know that it is possible with my phone on the current PRL.

If this PRL won't allow me to connect does anyone know of one I can load onto my phone (stock rooted/deodexed) that would allow me to connect?




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