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Quick question regarding Jail Broken iPhones


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It shouldn't screw up the phone, you'll just lose the jail break until the team that develops the JB software catches up and releases a new JB. For example I kept my 4S on 5.1.1 until the untethered JB version for iOS 6 was released. I then did the standard update to stock iOS 6 on iTunes with no issues at all (actually to iOS 6.1.2). I then Jailbroke the the phone and not having any issues now.


One other thing, you can always revert back to the stock iOS just by performing a full restore on iTunes. I've had to do that a couple of times when I needed to take the phone into the Apple Store - technically if you JB the phone you void your warranty, but if you revert back to the stock iOS before taking it in you'll be fine.

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DON'T UPGRADE OTA. It won't work and you'll just have to do it on a computer after to fix it (though new Evasion upgrades disables the OTA function to protect you). It will break your phone until you do a restore at iTunes. Then of course you cannot return to 6.1.2 and therefore cannot jailbreak again.


Old thread but the conclusion of this one is unacceptable to any newbies viewing this.

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