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  1. "Taken a while to find time to experiment. What I did was force my phone to roam permanently on the stronger sister network so no more low signal reports. Also no roaming back and forth. I managed 10 hours all in all, 4 of which were actual usage. Do you guys think this is acceptable or do I still have a possible issue on my hands? It just seems unlikely that swapping out my phone *again* would yield different results. I went back and reviewed my old posts and can see how bad things were before. I forgot about the old phone switching off at 20%." Unfortunately I think you've still got the iOS 10.1.1 (or above) battery drain bug. I had those similar results - it's not so bad that the phone is useless, and many may not even notice, but with mild / little "use" you should be getting 1-3% per hour battery drain per hour. At 40% use (4 out of 10 hours), you should see 5-7% battery drain per hour. You're getting just under 10% per hour which is not normal. Of course this is all based on my own testing and also depends on what you were doing for those 4 hours (watching video or playing games certainly drains more quickly). I am OCD enough that it was driving me crazy, and when I took my phone in Apple was good enough to swap the entire device out for the cost of a new battery ($80 USD) since I was out of warranty. Fortunately the replacement came with iOS 10.1 and I am refusing to update my software until I know the new version has fixed this battery issue. For reference, my phone has been on Standby for 9 hrs 34 minutes and used for 3 hours 33 minutes and I'm at 68% right now. Almost identical usage / standby as your example, yet I have 63% more life left. If you're ok with how your phone is functioning and don't mind carrying a backup battery around, I'm fairly confident this battery issue will be fixed with a future software update. I've been following a number of threads on MacRumors about the beta versions up to 10.3 beta 2, and as of yet users are reporting similar battery issues. It seems to plague 6s/+ and 6/+ users more than 7/+, but the issue is still prevalent.
  2. Unfortunately that looks like the usage I was getting the past few months when I finally took my phone in to the Apple Store last Wednesday. It's frustrating because the phone is still usable and maybe to some people the battery drain isn't that noticeable, but for the sake of comparison here's the usage I got this weekend (keep in mind this phone is literally three days old - I could very easily be afflicted with the battery usage bug at any point......)
  3. Well, here's another classic Apple customer service story. I was leaving on a business trip last night and decided to swing into my Apple a store on the way out of town just to see what if anything they could do - it was 8:36 when I walked in (and they close at 9). They Immediately got me to a genius who listened intently to my situation - I had even printed my detailed spreadsheet out which I was using to track my data. He took my phone and my spreadsheet into the back to talk to his boss and came back with the solution that they could replace the entire phone for the cost of a battery. I was actually blown away - so I walked out at 8:55 with a brand new iPhone for $79+tax. Side note, just to prove that I'm cursed, the first thing I checked was the manufacturer of the chip, and sure enough it's a Samsung....son-of-a! In all seriousness I think the Samsung vs TSMC debate was a bit over hyped.....at least that's what I'm telling myself now. I have a fresh new 90 day warranty on this puppy though if anything goes South....
  4. I already did about two weeks ago; the battery passed their initial physical diagnostics tests but because I performed a DFU Restore the night before they said they didn't have enough information to give an in depth historical analysis on the behavior of the software. Again, another reason this has been so frustrating for me. The wise thing would be to just wait it out and see if a software update would fix things, but I'm seriously willing to pay $80 for a replacement battery based on one anecdotal data point from another S4GRU member. It's only one data point, but points to a hardware solution rather than software (I've already updated to 10.2 and no difference in my results).
  5. I know every "trick of the trade" in terms of battery analysis, believe me. I could write a book on it. At this point, something has gone haywire with the battery stats function of my phone as apps seem to arbitrarily jump all around - today my Mail app has hovered between 45-60% of my usage, even though I've used the app for maybe two minutes. Yesterday, Siri ate up 11%, didn't use Siri once. These ambiguous and arbitrary stats are yet another cause for me to think something is wrong with the device. In fact, the 90 seconds it took me to write this reply ate up 5% of my battery. By no means is it earth shattering, but it's freaking driving me nuts.
  6. Did the replacement battery fix the issue? I'm not referring to the battery dropping out at 30%, rather what appears to be a constant battery drain above and beyond normal use. My current device is not eligible for the free replacement and it's now out of warranty, so I'd be shelling out $80 to get it fixed.....but it's such a freaking nuisance to me that I'd be willing to pay that if I knew it would fix the issue!
  7. So it turns out the issue of the phone shutting down at or around the 30-40% mark is a known issue that Apple is pseudo-addressing by offering free replacement batteries for select 6S devices manufactured during a certain period. I had this issue and was fortunate enough to get a replacement phone for this issue back in August and the replacement device was working perfectly, getting on average 3-7% of usage per hour (depending on my usage of the device) which was more than sufficient for a day or more of life from one charge. However, Sunday 11/13 I noticed my battery suddenly began draining much more rapidly to the point that the phone wouldn't last more than 6 hours or so on a full charge, even with minimal to no usage (this date aligns fairly closely to when I updated to 10.1.1). Since then I've performed multiple DFU restores, Restore from backup, complete factory reset as new and manually installing all of my apps, yet its improved slightly, I'm still seeing an unnecessary battery drain. I updated to 10.2 yesterday but the issue persists - For example, the phone was at 100% when I went to bed last night around 11:30, woke up at 3:30 AM (we have three kids under that age of five, 3:30 is not that unusual...) and it was at 64%; switched to airplane mode and the woke back up around 6 AM and the phone was then at 51%. Back when the issue began I created a very meticulous spreadsheet where I've been tracking daily usage, and even though I'm using my device minimally, I'm still seeing 7-8% battery drain per hour. It's certainly not significant enough for most people to notice, but previously if I were to basically let my phone sit on my desk, touching it maybe twice an hour, I'd be getting 2-3% battery drain and be heading to my car at the end of the day at 65-70%; now I'm lucky if I can make it through the day without having to plug in. If I actually USE the device, I'm charging 2-3 times per day. Yes, I'm a bit OCD about my battery usage....but this is driving me absolutely insane. I just despise the fact that i need to constantly monitor my battery and always keep a charger near me.
  8. Yes sir! The downside about that app, or rather what Apple did with iOS 10, is that the battery detail that was available on iOS 9.3.5 and below used to be amazing: current temperature, number of charging cycles, current voltage, current amp while charging...however Apple killed the access to the APIs that provided that data in iOS 10. It's still a good app, but I had grown accustomed to the detail it provided prior to iOS 10.
  9. I can't find the thread, but yes, there were reports that the Samsung chips were up to 15% less efficient than the TSMC, losing up to an hour or more of battery life during normal use when compared to one another.
  10. I was having similar issues with my 6S; went through the DFU restore process which seemed to fix the issue for a while, but after a few days I started seeing the same results. I finally took it to the Apple Store and even though it passed their diagnostics tests, they replaced the phone (it was still under the 12 month factory warranty at the time). I don't want to jinx anything, but for the past 6 weeks or so I have been getting unbelievable battery life; between 3-6% per hour depending on usage for the day - which is more than enough for a full day battery. One item of note, my original 6S had the Samsung chip, whereas this new device has the TSMC chip. There very well may be a correlation there.
  11. While $400 for a 5/5C/5S and $650 for a 6 or above is a great deal, the devil is still in the details. The credit is applied in monthly installments spread equally over 24 months. If the party decides to upgrade that line during the 24 month window, the monthly credit ends, relinquishing any credits that are still remaining. If they plan to keep the new phone for a minimum of 24 months and don't mind waiting for the credit, it's a great deal, but in reality it's simply a 24 month contract.
  12. I'm not from LA, but anytime I'm in SoCal there is a mandatory visit to In-N-Out Burger. I don't know what it is about that place, but it is no doubt the best fast food I've ever had - to the point that I don't think I can classify it as fast food.....
  13. I don't know the best advice to give you since if I recall you're in South Africa, but in the US if you bring your phone to an Apple Store the first thing they'll recommend is a restore. A previous poster suggested to factory restore and then manually install your apps back on. That's good advice, but is a pain in the butt and you lose all of your historical data as well. Before doing that I'd suggest you perform a DFU restore (Device Firmware Update). This does the same thing as a Restore, but also give you a fresh install of the Device Firmware as well - and given your symptoms I think this would be warranted. Here's a good site describing what a DFU restore is and how to perform it: http://www.payetteforward.com/why-does-my-iphone-suddenly-turn-off-even-though-still-have-battery-life-remaining-heres-the-real-fix/ If after all of that your device is still suffering from the symptoms you describe, I'd perform a factory restore and install all apps manually. After that, if you're still having the same issues you need to go through whatever international service that Apple provides to replace / repair your device in your area.
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