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DSLR camera Help


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I'm in the market for a decent entry level Digital SLR camera. Never owned anything better that a decent digital camera and camera built into my phones. Haven't been very happy with quality of either lately and now I'm looking to take the step up to a DLSR. I will mainly be using it for things like NASCAR races, different college sports games and, of course, tower hunting. Need something that has decent zoom as most thing will be at least a couple of hundred feet away.

Was looking at a Nikon D3100 that BestBuy currently has on sale for $449.99.




Could someone that is familiar with these cameras give a little insight here as to if that camera is worth buying/worth the price? Also if anyone has another model they would like to suggest I would love to hear it. I can tell from the quality of pictures on this site that some of us here have some very nice cameras.

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Consider a "bridge" camera -- essentially, a DSLR without interchangeable lenses. A full fledged DSLR will likely get you a larger sensor and better, faster glass, but you also have to be willing to shell out $1000 for a body and a couple of lenses. Even then, you may still not get the zoom range that you can with a good "bridge" camera, which you can get for under $500.



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Depending on what camera you have now, learn the basic ideas behind photography instead of using the auto function, you might see some slightly better to much better images. Changes to features such as ISO, aperture, f-stop, white balance and modes can make a large enough difference in image quality, you wouldn't even need a DSLR.


But as AJ said, you won't get anything good for less than $1000. I have over 6k in equipment and that is only 2 good lenses and a body with four OK lenses. Forget about megapixel and focus on OPTICAL zoom, aperture (2.0 or less if possible) and a higher ISO. These feature will help with getting some amazing pictures/video depending on the camera and its sensor. Do the research and find one that has a good image sensor as well.


GL in the search.

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When you narrow it down search the reviews Google returns for a few models and look at some pictures they took looking for noise and how they work in low light too.


I don't need a camera that good. The $150 14 mega pixel 24x zoom cheapie I got is good enough for the few I take. I was more into years ago.


Like they said above you can't beat a good lens. Good ones gather more light and have less distortion. More light you can either use a higher shutter speed with the same ISO setting for fast action or a lower ISO setting for less noise in the image.

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I sold all my DSLR equipment, an bought a Sony Nex 5n for $650 with a 18-55mm lens. What a great camera in a small package and good for someone on a budget.. Right now theres a nex6n thats is better but pricier.


I bought a cheap ebay adapter to canon vintage fd lenses (you can find them cheap on ebay) for $15 and a canon 50mm 1.4 lens for $55. You could find a cheap zoom lens.The only problem with those cheap adapters, is that you loose autofocus and apeture, you have to focus manual and use the aperture ring to set the aperture but you can get great results.


Here's how my camera look



A pic of my wife ride



A pic of my little princess, 7 month old..


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A very good entry level dslr is the Canon t2i, t3i, or t4i. I'm not sure if you have ever heard of slickdeals, it is a forum completely dedicated to finding deals on everything. Here is a link to a Canon package with decent zoom lens



Keep an eye out in that forum for those cameras, really good deals pop up all the time for around 500-600.

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