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  1. My GS10+ was working fine, after the update I'm having the issue of signal loss.My GS10+ was working fine, after the update I'm having the issue of signal loss.
  2. B41 speeds at Mayaguez Plaza 136Mbps faster than Liberty speeds at home...
  3. My GS9+ connected to B13 in Cabo Rojo, also at home in Sabana Grande.
  4. I did it for fun, but isn't a easy decision because this site has been known as S4GRU for so long. I'm on the same boat, this has grown into a site with a bunch of "nerds" and gurus of networking that could expand easily into tech of others providers, the top site to find tech info about networking technologies and all deployments.
  5. Yes that one, i check today on signal app an theres B13, cant connect to it but is there, also in yauco.
  6. Does the the B13 signal was when connected to Las Guaras tower? or the one in el Guama?
  7. Stay safe, crazy times, sprint 1x service its working some days and then go off.
  8. Its been crazy here in PR, since Hurricane Maria hit us. 12 days without service, no power, no water, no internet, no local tv channels, a complete blackout on communications. Gas station lines are hours long, few food spots with limited menu's, only cellphone provider up its Claro and very spotty, they agree to bring roam to tmobile and att. On the sprint side, we don't have any info, if someone here can bring some light or news on repair time will be great. Things don't looks good.
  9. Thanks nickywilliam, future looks promising, i got 76mb speed on Carolina this week, i was on the verge to cancel my sprint service, but now i wait. Things are getting better.
  10. I got over 70mb at Aguadilla, also i spotted b41 on yauco and ponce. Btw i would be more than happy with 10-15mb on my phone.
  11. I went to Mayaguez near Plaza Colon and got a test of 68 down and 10 up, cell id 258 on b41. That give me enough hope to stay in sprint a little longer. Now need that b41 roll out faster in other towers.
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