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Hmm signal builds up

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Okay. So when I'm connected to 4G or the new network. If I just let me phone sit, my phone goes up to nearly full bars.. but when i moved, I loose all bars or just down to one bar... I've never had that happen lol

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What signals are you getting from your Engineering screens? Do they fluctuate too?


Robert via Samsung Note II via Tapatalk



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could be when you're on the threshold of good vs. poor coverage (as reported by the bars). When you pick up the phone, a little bit of signal attenuation affects it just enough to cross that threshold so it appears worse than it is. Check the engineering test screen for a better indication.

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Welll. I am between two towers. Ones further away then the other.. But I'm always connected to the one furthest away.. I do not know why because both towers are being upgraded and have 4G lol.. Custom roms, Cm10.1 and stock rom do the same thing :P

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