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Nextel towers and NV/LTE upgrades

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So if one of the towers on the NV site map is a current Nextel site will they take down that site and put up Sprint panels? I went by a tower the other day that is due for upgrades and was surprised to find it was Nextel?

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No, those are begin decommissioned. Supposedly there is a handful of ones that might get NV'd but very few and far between. You may have found a synergy upgraded tower where Sprint removed a nextel panel and put a CDMA one it's place on the same tower.

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The plan was to decommission any and all nextel towers with only a select few to remain. But now that SoftBank has put billions into sprint... we really don't know now. Hopes are that nextel towers in areas where there is bad coverage or no coverage will be converted via network vision to be a sprint tower as plans for everything else is being shuffled thanks to the investment. But don't be sad if they just took it all down.

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