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LTE G band versus A-F bands


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Will the current LTE phones (names GS3), that work with LTE in sprint's G band, also work in the other PCS bands (A - F)?


Also, could they possible work in other bands (cellular, SMR)?

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No SMR band support until next year. I believe it does physically support PCS A-G, since the LTE path is the same as the EVDO path. Meaning the phone has one link path for the 1X connection, then another for LTE/EVDO. Now what is it certified for? That's a different story.

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Yes, this is firmly established. See any of our FCC OET authorization analysis articles. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the most recent:




All Sprint LTE handsets support band 25, which is a PCS A-G block superset.



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