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I have only been here a short time but I have to say this community is something else. I was watching over the last 2 days or so the LA market explode on Sensorly because of the members here. Its amazing the effort that all of you put out to make this crazy thing that we love worthwhile. I hope once everyone gets LTE that we don't start to slip and stop checking in on the site or stop coming around period. This place really is great

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When I think back to our beginnings, it just blows my mind. S4GRU has exceeded my wildest expectations.


We are coming up on our first anniversary of when we started our forums. November 4th. S4GRU started as a weekly update in Sprint Users and Android Central back in May 2011. Then we started our own Facebook page in July 2011. Twitter in October 2011. Our original forums in November 2011.


We jumped to IP Board in February 2012 and registered S4GRU.com shortly thereafter. It has been amazing. We now have over 5,000 members, nearly 3,000 Facebook fans and over 1,500 Twitter followers.


I'm forever grateful to our all volunteer staff and generous Sponsors. Without you all, none of this would be possible. Thank you!


Robert via Moto Photon Q using Forum Runner

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    • I wish carriers did spectrum swaps as often as they did in the past. Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile could easily swap and fix this issue. AT&T can take the entire PCS A-block giving them a contiguous 15MHz as opposed to the split 10+5 they currently have, Verizon could take both the D and B block and keep the contiguous 20MHz they have now, and T-Mobile could take over the E,F, and C block which would give them a contiguous 30MHz with the G-block. I wouldn't be surprised if Verizon is the only holdout in this because this swap would benefit AT&T and T-Mobile but would leave them in a net neutral position as their 20MHz of PCS is already contiguous.
    • They have the intention, as the equipment they're deploying supports n26. The transaction has not yet happened, T-Mobile is still in control and using the spectrum on some Sprint keep sites.
    • Did they declare their intention to buy band 26 from T-Mobile. I know that they have the option to buy it but do they have the money or the intention to buy it? Are they leasing it right now?
    • Just cycled through here and there's a Sprint Keep Site within range with 25+26+41. 25 is still 10x10, while 41 is the same 10 MHz at the top of the band that I saw at the airport on Friday night. Speeds aren't great, but signal isn't bad, so my guess is that they turned up the power on the site vs. where it was before (B26 is -101 RSRP and I know the site nearest me is gone). Will be downtown for fireworks tonight, so will see how networks perform. I have mmW-enabled VZW and AT&T SIMs to play with.
    • I believe they have made a few attempts, but I don't think there has been a large scale effort so far.
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