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Sprint backing off of MetroPCS-TMobile?

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Sprint is not backing off entirely from the MetroPCS deal. They are just saying that they are not going to make a counter bid offer to MetroPCS for now until they get a better understanding of how the Tmobile deal works. Also Sprint is a wait and see until MetroPCS investors have to vote 'yes' or 'no' on the proposed Tmobile/MetroPCS deal. Deals like this aren't approved over night and certainly before anything becomes official, the FCC has to bless it to ensure competition is not harmed by the merger.


Sprint has plenty of time to mull over any proposed counter bid and hopefully Sprint stock will continue to rise a lot over the next few months which would make a stronger case for a MetroPCS bid since their stock price is higher while hoping the MetroPCS stock goes lower or stays the same.


This is a better article to read than the one you posted since the one you posted is a small excerpt that doesn't explain what Sprint's position is.



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This may be why




I would start a new thread but am on my phone.


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No need. There's already been a thread started in the General Topics forum.


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