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iPhone 5 and the time not updating


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Has anyone noticed that randomly when you check the iPhone 5 the time will not be accurate? This is happening on my wifes phone as well as mine on the Sprint network. If the phone is restarted or if you turn airplane mode off and on it will update the time. I seem to notice it more when it shows LTE as the connection but it appears to happen on 3G as well. Has anyone else run across this issue?



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I have not seen this. You might want to look at the Time app by Emerald Sequoia. Although it can't change the time, it can show the exact difference.



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I took a screen shot from the NIST time website to compare to the clock last week but don't see how I can upload the image to the post. I also found a large post on the Apple site about this happening on Sprint, Verizon and AT&T iPhone 5s but can't find the thread now. If I find the thread I will post it here.

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