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Nook HD/HD+ announced


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Keep the tablet wars coming. The intense competition benefits everyone, even those codependently attached at the hip to their iPads.






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The cheap Nook is also really cheap. If someone can live with 8GB, I'd say go for it.


It's nice that the iPad is being pushed hard my competitive tablets with large market exposure. It probably won't decrease the next-next-gen iPad's price point, but it will force Apple to innovate in some way or other to keep folks from going to cheaper, nearly feature-comparable, alternatives.

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For some reason I doubt many iPad users will switch over to anything else. If anything they would probably pay more for the iPad. This oldie but goodie video explains the cult like following.



Anyone hear of apple buying up any companies researching subliminal messaging? We all know they don't innovate anything on their own.

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