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Drop calls with 5-6 bars Sprint EVO LTE


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I have been very happy with my Sprint service until recently. I have 4 sprint towers all within 1 mile radius. I live on top of the hill, 1 tower is within a few blocks. I have been getting 5-6 bars on my EVO LTE, but getting crazy drop calls lately. I have notice when I am on a call with 5 bars, it may drop to maybe 1 bar or none and drops my call.


What is going on? What can I do to fix this issue? I have never experience this issue before which started happening a few weeks ago. My EVO LTE is up to date with the latest recent HTC update. Called Sprint but no help as they have no outages, opened ticket but nothing happened...WTF? I didn't have any of these issue since I had my EVO and EVO LTE which all started happening recently.


I am in the middle of the following towers:

SD34XC666 North

SD73XC163 East (2-3 Blocks Down)

SD34XC520 South West



Crazy to even have 4 towers within 1 mile, why is that?

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Don't feel bad bro as I have 8 towers within a mile and I'm in the middle of 6 of them. What is happening in the same thing that has been happening to me for quite some time. You're lucky in the sense that you get a good signal as I'm at the end of all of the towers near me's range. You have so many towers near you your phone basically can't decide which one to use in layman's terms. Usually the phone picks towers based on which is the least busy, closest, etc but maybe you live in the threshold? You're phone is switching because you have so many good signals where mine is trying to pick which crappy one is the best non-stop, lol. Sucks to be you and your phone that is unable to decide on which LTE laden full signal tower to use. When it happens think of me who has the opposite. LOL, J/K.


I'm not sure if there is a fix? And you must live in an urban setting as in New York you can has as many as 17+ towers within a mile. The more people in an area the more towers you need. Each tower can only serve so many people so they add towers so that users don't overload an area.

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This topic should be moved to the HTC Phone section... anyone? anyone?.... bueller????



They may just be working on the towers nearby... I think I also read somewhere that just because you're near 4 towers, your phone will only connect to one tower...




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