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[gsII e4g touch] Anyone have slow wimax speeds after ICS?


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Hey guys, just wanted to see how widespread this was or if it was just me.



my speeds for strong wimax signal areas was around 6-8 mbps


now I seem to top out from 1-3 mbps after the ICS update, did this happen to everyone? If so is it related to the update or something else going on on the network that just happened to coincide?

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Yes, I am having the same issue. Yesterday I was maybe about 200 ft from a tower and I couldn't even upload a video to Facebook. I am lucky to get passed 2.00 Mbps down. 3g is even worst, but bearable. I my city wasn't scheduled to get Network Vision and Lte in the next few months I would jump ship to Verizon. I was impressed with their Lte speeds here in San Jose.

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For me what happens now is if 4G drops (ie, Im moving) it simply wont reconnect unless I manually turn it off and then on again.


Wow, the ICS update has been a real dud. Must be a bad modem upgrade.

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I don't think it's due to the radio.


On FH13


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Then maybe it's bad drivers on Sammy's part.


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