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Fastest 3g speeds ever seen?

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These are the speeds that I get almost constantly in East Michigan - Southfield, MI area. But I swear when I go to Detroit its like 0.5Mbps down and .02Mbps up.


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Guest 503ducati

High ping but then again you are hitting LA

Tethered results for me are much different than that app. In my experiences usually a west coast server is chosen when tethered vs the closest server chosen by the app.



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Downtown Orlando at 4 AM. 0.2 miles Northeast of the Amway Arena. (SR 50 & I-4) Was surprised to see it crack 2. Haven't seen these speeds since traveling the turnpike near yeehaw junction (FL SR 60 and Florida Turnpike).


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    • Was in Red Hook again and I swear there are more Link5G sites as there are Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T small cells combined in the entire neighborhood. It seemed like every other street I turned down had one installed. Hopefully carriers will start hopping on them soon. Seems like a lot of effort to go through for no one to use them.  — — — — — T-Mobile converted the Sprint site on top of NYU Langone Brooklyn in Sunset Park. I first mapped one sector of it back in November 2023 but I thought it was a small cell so I never pinned it but I ran into another sector today which caught me off guard. I'm unable to find a permit for the conversion so it's definitely a surprise. There's another T-Mobile site 1 block away that T-Mobile initially installed back in 2019 so I'm kinda surprised they're keeping both considering the Sprint conversion is on a much taller building and could potentially provide much better coverage to the entire area.   
    • Still not seeing any ULS postings for pending T-Mobile UScellular merger in Dane county Wisconsin.
    • Came across another Crown Castle Solutions multi-tenant oDAS node in Brooklyn. Located at 40.7002286, -73.9612666. Nothing on T-Mobile or AT&T so I'm assuming these are all Verizon nodes that Crown Castle is anticipating another carrier will hop on down the line.
    • Same with factory unlocked
    • June security update is out (S22U TMO)
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