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  1. feteru

    LG G3

    I uninstalled Xposed and switched to ART while rooted with Stomp Root, seems smooth so far, not sure about battery life yet though.
  2. feteru

    LG G3

    Anyone else had issues switching to ART after rooting and installing Xposed?
  3. 800 LTE is pretty crazy, I stayed connected to the same tower until I was roughly 3000 meters away, with 80dbm signal! I'll post screens later if I remember, also more B41 speed tests Still need to get out near Riggs&East West with my DSLR
  4. feteru

    LG G3

    Yeah it seems as though fringe LTE in a lot of places is murdering my battery life, although I still have to give it more time.
  5. feteru

    LG G3

    Pretty much all video and photo looks really great on this. I got mine today, and the only problem I really have with it so far is battery life, but I haven't even gotten through one cycle on it yet
  6. feteru

    LG G3

    Got my G3 today and love it! Screen is incredibly beautiful and sooo big. One question, once you've enabled wifi calling, how do you get rid of the persistent notification asking if you want to update your location for it? I update it and it goes away for about 30 seconds, then it comes back :/
  7. Got my G3 today, surprised to pick up Band 41 at Riggs Rd and East west highway! Got about 40 down and 15 up, going back tomorrow for more testing
  8. Awesome! Can't wait to get my G3 and test out tri-band!!
  9. So has anyone picked up band 41 in the DC area?
  10. feteru

    LG G3

    If I'm not mistaken, you can go into the edit menu for the toggles or whatever and change what sliders appear. I don't have the phone, so hopefully someone else can offer a little more specifics.
  11. feteru

    LG G3

    Great, looks like there'll be another member of this thread soon, can't wait!
  12. feteru

    LG G3

    Just wondering before I pull the trigger on this phone, how much do you guys notice screen sharpening on a day-to-day basis?
  13. Is there still no way to flash new prls without flashing touchwiz on a Galaxy SIII? I love cyanogenmod, but my battery dies without a roaming prl.
  14. I'm using one that mentioned the S3 and came with an S3 wireless insert, so I'm assuming it's the correct amperage. The wall wart and pad both say 1.5A, which is roughly the same as the wall charger I was using before the port went kaput.
  15. I'm having an issue with my GS3, and I was wondering if you guys know what's up. Recently, the USB port broke and stopped charging (corrosion due to something), so I picked up a wireless charger to charge it. It came in today, and now the phone boots up and everything, I factory reset it, but it won't charge past 0%. It shows up as charging and it turns on fine, but it just won't go past 0%. I'm leaving it off and charging for a while longer, but I'm not sure it will make a difference.
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