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Ting getting Galaxy SIII and LTE


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I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's a good thing. Sprint is making Samsung happy by pushing as many SIII's out the door as humanly possible (kind of like the iPhone on Virgin Mobile), and Sprint is making a profit on the devices from Day One this way. On the other side of the equation, Sprint now has your choice of Android or iOS very-high-end devices on non-contract service, for less money than T-Mobile charges...and one of them actually supports LTE (albeit with crappy data prices, but oh well, maybe Ting will get a better deal eventually).


I'm not sure how many phones Ting will sell at $529 a pop, but my guess is that they'll exceed expectations, since for folks who aren't heavy data users Ting's plan is a great deal (I remember when 1000 straight-up minutes were $40 on T-Mobile, and that wasn't share-able).


I'm actually thinking of subsidizing family members' purchases of an SIII or two (either that, or the Moto Defy XT on Republic, but my guess is I'm in Wave Z by this point). That way, they'll have great data speeds when LTE arrives in their area (one of my brothers goes to school in San Antonio), and they'll have a phone that will still be a solid phone two years from now (mom and brother both have Optimus V's right now).


Going back to Sprint's side of the deal, they're selling minutes, texts and data to Ting at a profit (I'm sure), and Ting users probably aren't folks who would sign a Sprint contract anyway...and they'll pay a penny or two for every megabyte that they use. In short, I'm sure Sprint loves having Ting around, especially since heavy data users on Ting could in theory spend more than heavy data users on Sprint proper, though that's a bit of an outside case.

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