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Airave access point 2.5


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Hi Gents, I called Airave support to ask what the 2.5 version was all about. "Its the same device with new hardware to help in the hand off of the signal to the cell tower when you leave your house" That's pretty much it. No mention of a software upgrade. I have occasional problems with error code 97 and multiple texts or texts hanging on our devices. Rebooting the airave has cured it so far.

My Airave 2.0 Like any other electronic device takes a bit of human intervention but for the most part functions properly. I was not able to trade mine for the new one and having a smoother handshake to the tower was not a big deal cause in 6/10 of a mile I have to pass thru a dead spot anyway. So I did not push for the 2.5.

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