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  1. Thanks to Robert and all the good folks at SG4RU. I learned a lot about how cell networks work. New job new cell plan moved over to Verizon.
  2. I have not changed service since 1988. I would never defraud our service men. In my mind it is a fair question. I thought maybe someone may have insight into a sprint program for such instances. Heck I even asked why the company didn't have a Sprint deal. Just cause Sprint wrote it in the contract doesn't mean you can't ask. Over those 25 years I have spent $35000 in service and who knows how much in phones to use that service. In my mind. $200 + $350 = $550 for a phone is laden with "wiggle room"
  3. Pillowsplat


    New job. They handle the phone allowance as a corp phone so I will close down my current Sprint line. My plan was to sell my S3 on ebay and just take it in the shorts cause the breakeven is 3 months. So my question is has anyone had any success negotiating the ETF down. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks John
  4. I checked the Urbanna 4g a couple of weeks ago but someone must have caught the test signals cause I couldn't get a connection. It looks to be rocking now! Coming in from the west as well. Good news. I was beginning to think our crews went to a different market.
  5. No worries my wireless brother! We will have our network soon.
  6. Not whinning and I have also been with Sprint since Sprint Spectrum days and a little Ericson always out rubber antenna. Say 1989. I'm a loyal customer. A good customer is the one who gives you feedback and a chance to correct your service. I read the rules. My comment was directed to the recent flurry of central MD comments. It's not whinning it's reality. Results are what matter. We had some great progress in the Baltimore / Washington / Shentel area. Results have diminished of late. Could be a bunch of things. You never know who reads these posts. Can't hurt to provide a pix with facts.
  7. Just so you don't think we are whiners in Frederick.
  8. Does anyone know how long the search for LTE interval is on a S3. Every 30 seconds? Every 30 minutes?
  9. Not sure what rehashed means. I get the different carrier thing. Signal check says EvdoA (sprint) And you can see the speed test sheet. The big glaring thing for me is no Ehprd on the speed test.
  10. Ok I was getting a great physical signal in Frederick md. Checked on my signal check pro 1xrtt - 68 dbm Evdo - 61 dbm But I couldn't get a Web site, speed test, s4gru to load up. So I called *2 to ask for help more to establish a ticket with sprint. Here is what the CS guy suggested. He went thru making sure my mobile and data settings were correct. They were. Checked my zip code/network functions. Ok. Turned off wifi. Ok but it's always on. Then he said let's take it off LTE / cdma and put it on cdma . Eeeek that's sacrilegious! I did which rebooted. He called back. Now try a Web site. Bam worked. Checked data My speed test was 1.1 mb down. . 7 up. Ok network gurus splain that one.
  11. Tower south of I 70 near Rt 75 in New Market Md 21774 had guys in the tower. I'm pretty sure this tower already had a NV upgrade.
  12. New Market Md to Leesburg VA was very spotty with data. Slim to none. Connections seemed normal. Maybe we are getting close.
  13. So we were not dreaming. Sprint has done either a bad job of accurate planning or a bad job of implementation. I find it hard to believe they will get back on schedule. Shentel seems to have it figured out let them implement.
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