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Force LTE on EVO 4G LTE - without root

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I was reading Roberts article on the LTE connection issues, and decided to try it out, but am not brave enough to root my phone at this point. The steps are a little different than on the GS3, so I thought I would post them here.


It's fairly similar, you open the dialier, enter ##3828#, select edit, and then enter your MSL number. Finding that number seems to be the tricky part, however, I called the 888 number for Sprint, and this was the extent of my conversation with the representative: "me:Hi, I was wondering if you could help me find the MSL number for my phone? Rep:Sure, let me look that up." Done.


After the MSL number is entered, click on the 'EVDO' option. There are two items that pop up, click on 'Preferred Mode', and then select 'LTE Only.' The default mode is 'CDMA HDR LTE Only.'


After taking these steps, I did indeed have a LTE connection at my house where previously I could not make a connection save for a few blips here and there. The speeds weren't great, and the connection doesn't always last long, but it's usable! I assume this is due to the current distance to any operational LTE towers.


I hope this is helpful to any other EVO LTE users out there!


>>And thanks to a post by another member, I'm still able to make calls using the Groove IP app and Google Voice!

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I think there are a lot of people who have LTE and just don't know it because their device is not cooperating.


Robert via CM9 Kindle Fire using Forum Runner

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The dialer code is ##3282#, not ##3828#.



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