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Is this a capacity issue?

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Guys (including any members of the female persuasion),


I was in an area of pretty strong 3G signal yesterday but I was getting speed results that were lower than I would have expected given the signal strength. Is that a result of a capacity issue with the cell or is there something else that would cause this? I know the speeds aren't the worst but I figured they would be a lot better. Can you give me any insight? Thanks!



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Its unusual for upload to be over capacity. In most cases where both upload and download are low, it is often a backhaul overload. And the opposite is most often true, if just the download is low, it is often over capacity. However, neither of these situations are absolute. Sometimes it can be the opposite. Sometimes it can be both.


Also, most often in places of over capacity situations, all the other adjacent sites should be pretty poor too. Because when a site gets over capacity, the Ec/Io ratio will get really poor and users will get shunted to adjacent sites bringing them down. If the poor site seems quite isolated, then that would help identify a backhaul issue.


Robert via CM9 Kindle Fire using Forum Runner

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