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Sprint LTE market launch press releases

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Let me just throw this out there and I am hoping someone would give me a good answer...


I see Verizon coming out with reports about this city and that city is now on their Verizon 4G network. But with Sprint...nothing! I did get a email last week or so that said 5 new cities to come on line with the Sprint network on Sunday. But if Sprint wants extra money for their build out, then maybe they should talk a little bit more about their build out, more in the financial news web sites.


Verizon and AT&T send information about their POS network to the financial site all the time. But the individual(s) that do the marketing need to step it up so that everyone know exactly where the build out is at. Yes, I know that this is what this site does, but there are a lot of investors out there that have no idea (expect the balance sheet which I hear them complain all the time) what's going on with the LTE. Yes I promote this site all the time, but I think Sprint could do a better job promoting themselves. No not with commercials, but drop a line to the Wall Street Journal or Market Watch once a week...not once a month.

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The problem with that is that if Sprint is late, then they look bad. Sprint is basically walking on a tightrope. They would rather say little and over perform expectation, than end up looking bad. It would be nice for Sprint to give a little more information, but I think the risk outweighs the reward. When sprint is announcing market after market at a faster rate than ATT and Verizon, people will be more receptive. Announcing work on cities is only going to make customers happy for the short term and might backfire if cities get delays. SF is a prime example of a city getting pushed back because of delays. Getting sites live will make them happy for the long term. Sprint is focusing on the long term.

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My 2¢: Sprint will start churning out press releases about their network as soon as cities are officially online, or within a week or so of go-live (like they did with ATL/DFW/HOU/SAT/KC). They'll probably issue another round of press releases once each city is online. The reason you haven't seen much in the news is Sprint doesn't have much online yet, and is trying to under-promise and over-deliver (a good idea; see ChadBroChillz's post). AT&T and Verizon have only posted press releases when they were close to launch on a market, or had launched it already. As of right now, Sprint is following this model, and asking more of it could be a recipe for disaster.


Also, I've got a sneaking suspicion that my post, along with the two above it, need to be moved to a new thread. I'll ask a mod to do that now...because I think that this post should stay reasonably on-topic.

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    • Good catch! I meant 115932/119932. Edited my original post I've noticed the same thing lately and have just assumed that they're skipping it now because they're finally able to deploy mmWave small cells.
    • At some point over the weekend, T-Mobile bumped the Omaha metro from 100+40 to 100+90 of n41! That's a pretty large increase from what we had just a few weeks ago when we were sitting at 80+40Mhz. Out of curiosity, tested a site on my way to work and pulled 1.4Gpbs. That's the fastest I've ever gotten on T-Mobile! For those that know Omaha, this was on Dodge street in Midtown so not exactly a quiet area!
    • Did you mean a different site? eNB ID 112039 has been around for years. Streetview even has it with C-band back in 2022 - https://www.google.com/maps/@40.7303042,-73.9610924,3a,24.1y,18.03h,109.66t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1s2ossx06yU56AYOzREdcK-g!2e0!5s20220201T000000!6shttps:%2F%2Fstreetviewpixels-pa.googleapis.com%2Fv1%2Fthumbnail%3Fpanoid%3D2ossx06yU56AYOzREdcK-g%26cb_client%3Dmaps_sv.share%26w%3D900%26h%3D600%26yaw%3D18.027734930682684%26pitch%3D-19.664180274382204%26thumbfov%3D90!7i16384!8i8192?coh=205410&entry=ttu Meanwhile, Verizon's eNB 84484 in Fort Greene has been updated to include C-band and CBRS, but not mmWave. I've seen this a few times now on updated Verizon sites where it's just the CBRS antenna on its own, not in a shroud and without mmWave. Odd.
    • Drove out into the country today.  Dish stuck to my phone like glue. At least -120 rsrp. Likely only good for phone calls (should have tested.) It then switched to T-Mobile. Getting back on Dish was another issue. I am used to dragging out coverage so I expected a few miles, but had to drive at least 10 miles towards a Dish site. Airplane mode, which worked for Sprint, did nothing. Rebooting did nothing. Finally got it to change over about 2 miles from the site by manually setting the carrier to Dish then it had great reception. Sprint used to have a 15 minute timeout but I did not have the patience today.  Previously I did a speed test on Dish out in the country at the edge of Dish coverage. My speeds were 2g variety. Dish has really overclocked some of these sites. Seen rssp readings in the 50s. Would have called them boomer sites with Sprint but much  more common with Dish.  
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