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Data connectivity issues in NV areas...

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Having some severe connectivity issues in Houston and New Braunfels, TX on my EVO 4G LTE. My phone is cycling between ehrpd NO data and then the 3G indicator but all I am connecting to is 1X and then back to no data. Tried to cycle phone and update everything but no good, but other EVO LTE is having this issue on and off...


Any ideas?


- Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note on AT&T 4G

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Had so similar problem when I visited Houston with my Galaxy Nexus. The phone had trouble connecting to any data services. I believe this is due to having the 3G/LTE on in a market that has 4G on air but not allowing people to connect. To solve this problem turn on and off 3G/LTE multiple times. If this does not work turn of 3G/LTE and switch to just 3G.

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How can you tell if LTE is active but they are blocking your phone from connecting?


- Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note on AT&T 4G


S4GRU maps, located in the Sponsors thread.

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