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    Android Apps

    Hi! I just launched two Android Apps and I just wanted to share them with the S4GRU community. These are my first games I have developed and I'm still inexperience, but any feedback is much appreciated! Check them out and let me know what you think! Meteor Escape: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jdqp.jmldajmk Raining Candies: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jd.jmlcc Thanks, Branden
  2. There is this amazing group of teenage students that travel the country and act as mock delegates of the United Nations. These students are future leaders of America and will guide us in the right direction someday. I ask you to help support their next big conference. The Oasis High school MUN team is currently trying to get to the MIT MUN Conference in February. They last year got to the John Hopkins MUN Conference and won the best small delegate award. Of course the team wants to do it again this year but the conferences are such a huge financial burden, if you could please go to the link below and donate. Even the smallest donation will help us achieve our goal. Just remember you are helping the future of America! https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/3g83/model-united-nations-trip-to-massachusetts-institute-of-technology-mit
  3. Sorry for no response on the private chat. The UDID has been activated. I am bo longer selling UDID activations that is why I never responded. Sorry!!
  4. I agree let us not start any OS fight. I just did not like the fact you made it sound like Google and Android dont copy
  5. To bad WebOs had the ideas of Control Center, Notification Center, and Multitasking like in iOS 7 well before Android or iOS. iTunes Radio probably took more than a few measly months to put together so in reality they did not copy Google. Finally AirDrop is just an improved version of AllShare. Before my iPhone I had a Samsung Galaxy S III and it AllShare worked horribly and was always malfunctioning. AirDrop in beta for me has worked quite nicely and is far better than anything Samsung could produce.
  6. I can register a UDID for any iPod, iPad, or iPhone
  7. They have only accepted financing for a very limited number of months. I believe only 3 times. According to my research Sprint needs all strategic partners to go against the Clearwire recommendation and that may not happen. Sprint can easily lose Intel or one of those cable companies support and not have enough stake in the company. Business is about making money and that is all Intel and the Cable Companies want.
  8. Sprint would get above the 66 2/3% if the deal fails, they would not have to wait until the standstill agreement ends to grab more shares. Sprint could be planning on letting their current offer fail, then raising the offer after it fails, which would mean the bonds are covered to shares and move Sprint and Co from 64% to 68%. If their offer is above Dish's offer, then Clearwire board would likely drop Dish's support and approve Sprint's deal. With board approval, Sprint would be able to meet all those requirements, which means they could reduce the necessary votes prior to the deal vote. There is only about 13% more of Clearwire they can control. Minority shareholders will not be selling for under the Dish offer unless you count Intel and the cable companies which only hold 13%. Sprint only has access to Intel's and the cable companies' stacks which only give them 13% more making it near impossible for them to reach that 66 and 2/3 % they need.
  9. This means a lot. Nothing is an understatement. Sprint only will get that 68% if Clearwire takes the financing from Sprint. In reality they do not need the financing currently and they also have better financing options out there that have been put out by minority shareholders. Sprint can veto this only if Dish imposes 3 spots on Clearwire's board of directors. If Dish drops the need for 3 spots on the board then Sprint can not veto Dish buying the minority shareholder stocks. Please check your facts before posting
  10. I will notify you when your UDID has been activated. In most cases your UDID will be activated with in 10-15 minutes of payment as long as I am online at the time.
  11. Once the UDID is activated you will need to download the ispw file. I can not provide the files but many websites host them just got to Google "iOS 7 beta 1 download" Once the ispw file is downloaded you will go to iTunes. In iTunes you will Hold option while clicking restore. This will allow you to pick the file to restore from. You will want to direct it to the ispw file you downloaded.
  12. Once a UDID is registered it stays registered. It will work for all beta releases.
  13. Basically after payment is received I will register your UDID number which your need to provide to me at purchase and will register it on my Apple developer account dashboard.
  14. You can actually get your UDID register through me for $5. There is a post in General with more details.
  15. Sorry to announce but I am no longer doing UDID activations. I sold quite a few activations on here and was happy to help you all get updated. I may be back soon with more UDID activation opportunities so keep your eyes posted on the forums.
  16. Updating to iOS 7 right now!! Oh the perks of being a registered Apple developer!!
  17. The antitrust aspect in my mind is the fact that Sprint is trying to use funds that have yet to come in to purchase a company. By the DOJ wants Sprint not to act on new matters before finishing old ones. Also the DOJ could be worried about a foreign firm having so much power in an American cell phone carrier!
  18. I totally agree that Sprint could compete with the big two but they are not going to be able to with the opposition surrounding both deals. The deals undervalue the vast 2.5 GHz band that Clearwire owns. Based on AT&T's recent purchase of 2.3 GHz spectrum Clearwire alone is valued at close to $16 Billion has Credit Suise calculated. Also Sprint/Clearwire would own to much spectrum in America, over 1/3rd of usable spectrum but only 1/6th of customers. That amount of spectrum controlled by a foreign firm is something the government will not want. You need to remember the government is like one bug business. They do not want to do a deal that hurts their business. Even though Sprint/Clearwire would make Sprint more competitive the deal undervalues Clearwire. As I stated above Clearwire is valued at over $16 billion if you base their spectrum alone off of AT&T's recent spectrum purchase. Also the government does have plans to sell spectrum with in the next few years. If they approve Sprint/Clearwire their spectrum auctions will not bring in as much money as of Sprint and Clearwire were separate companies. Sprint competitive yes. Government screwed yes. Investors screwed yes.
  19. Finally!!! Been waiting for an update like this since I started using Google Wallet!!!
  20. Personally I think the hotspot is better then previous hotspots from Sprint but it does get very poor reception both indoors and outdoors. I notice when my iPhone has 3-4 bars the hotspot only has 1 maybe 2. If you live in a town that is getting LTE in the next few months or a town that already has LTE then make the shift others wait.
  21. I go to Richmond 4-5 times a year for business. I know that Alexandria is in the same general area of Richmond. Richmond is about 30 miles from DC not 110.
  22. I looked at the map and it looks like Richmond area will have sits with LTE up and running when the market launches. The map shows sites that Alexandria will have sites up in running which is right by Richmond
  23. I was recently in Richmond and it is actually part of the DC/Baltimore market I beleive. I was connectd to an eHRPD network which tells me that LTE is coming ery soon to the market. I recommend buying on off contract f you really want the phone. You can get a used model on eBay for about $200-$300. You would still be able to get an LTE in the following monthes if LTE does come to Richmond this year.
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