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Hi all - from Buford, GA


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Hi everyone,


I had been lurking on this site for a bit and decided to jump in as a member and sponsor.


Looking forward to having LTE turned on in our area. The wife and I both have EVO LTEs, upgraded from OG EVO 4Gs.


We haven't seen any evidence of active LTE towers yet in Buford or Duluth, but the maps show that it should be available, hopefully soon.


- Dave

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Hey, I'm pretty near you and near the Lake Lanier Dam in 30341 area code. I heard from a Sprint rep yesterday that they would 'unblock' the Atlanta market starting today but haven't seen anything but 3G so far today. They're always hope :lol: . I saw on the map our area is pretty saturated with signal so ......


I still doubt it will match my wireless signal at 12348+ KPS. My 3G signal is pretty fair at 1916 KPS or 1.87mps.

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    • Great job on your analysis of small cells versus the 3.45GHZ and the population coverage requirements. I wonder if the fcc is stalling because they may address the key limitation of of 2.5: the convoluted frequencies. Not sure how they would get there, but it would be better public policy if you could actually use a single license in current times, ie 5, 10 or 20MHz. Of course they could also go in more of a nonprofit or small business direction. But most likely they will keep it as planned given how messy the transition would be. In many/most metro areas BRS/EBS is fully licensed. Would be nice if they put pressure on the squatters.
    • I didn't actually look at the buildout requirements before making that comment - they're definitely going to have to deploy on macro sites if they want to hit the buildout requirements. PEA001 has a population of 25,237,061, of which they will have to hit 45% in 4 years (11,356,677) and 80% in 8 years (20,189,649). If they were to cover the entirely, all five boroughs, of NYC using only small cells (something I'd say is impossible considering their current small cell density), they'd only be covering 32% of the population in the PEA. And this is with spectrum that only adds 300Mb/s per sector and will likely have only 50% the range of their current n41 equipment. Doesn't really seem worth it to me. I'm of the opinion that they're looking to hedge their bets in further EBS/BRS acquisition. 
    • These strand mounts also are deployed with Band 46 (LAA), in my experience. I have yet to encounter a strand mount with exclusively 2/66. 
    • Bought a esim "sim" card a few weeks ago that operates in all of my more current phones according to its app. It arrived a couple of weeks early from Berlin.  Now if my MVNOs would get moving and support more than iPhones and rarely Pixels so I can test this thing. https://esim.me The only item really troubling so far is reviews in google play store keep getting deleted, even 5 star ones.
    • Still waiting impatiently for my T-Mobile security update.  
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