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Tmobile and MetroPCS want Dish to give up half its 2 GHz spectrum


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Tmobile and MetroPCS filed a joint complaint to the FCC about Dish Network not using their spectrum for their LTE network until 2016. Tmobile and MetroPCS want Dish Network to give up half (20 MHz) of its total spectrum (40 MHz) in fear that Verizon or AT&T may swoop in and buy the spectrum in case Dish Network may be bluffing to drive up the price of the spectrum.


It seems like Tmobile is trying to get into too many battles at this point with the opposition to the Verizon cable deal, this Dish Network spectrum complaint as well as executing their Challenger plan deploying LTE and moving HSPA+ to 1900 MHz.


I am still one of those hopefuls that wish for a Sprint/Dish network hosting deal on its 2 GHz spectrum. I would like to see Dish Network hold onto all 40 MHz of its 2 GHz spectrum if a network hosting deal were to happen. I just hope that those discussions are some how on the table next year.



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T-Mobile was all for spectrum hoarding when they were wanting to merge with AT&T. Now they are against it. Well played, Phillip Humm. I also notice none of these protests are against AT&T. Are they operating under the assumption that if 2013 leads to a change at the White House and FCC, that they will try again? It's not out of my mind.

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Why would Tmobile protest against AT&T when it is Verizon that is trying to obtain the SpectrumCo AWS spectrum? I am sure Tmobile would have protested against the same cable company deal if it was with AT&T instead of Verizon. Now Tmobile wants Dish Network to sell half of its spectrum to the smaller carriers in case Verizon or AT&T swoops in and offers a very attractive price for the 2 GHz spectrum. It will be a real test to Dish Network if they were really serious about entering the LTE market or just trying to pump up the price of their spectrum to flip it for a nice profit.

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I think that Dish should just buy both of them to just shut them up :rofl: . Let me just say that I don't think that we need a 5th national carrier. The pie gets cut way too many ways for us to have 5 sustainable, nationwide operators. However, if Dish wants to use their spectrum to primarily service their OTT video ambitions and sell the excess to people like Sprint, T-Mobile and Metro, that will be fine. I also think that they should not attempt to deploy a brand new network and should piggyback on Sprint's NV. Much lower risk that way.

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