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  1. Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    I saw that too. Does it help to have them all checked or are they not active yet?
  2. Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    I'm having doubts for Monday. Mine says that the shipping label was created on the 8th and ready for pickup with 2nd day air service and a delivery for Monday the 12th. But there has been no activity since the label was created.
  3. Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    Yup, mine was shipped today but tracking says delivery on Monday. Ugh.
  4. Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    Says the 12th.
  5. Galaxy S9 Series user thread

    I got a inbound shipping notification from UPS that I will have a package delivered tomorrow. I believe it is the phone because it is the only thing I am having shipped to my home address.
  6. Samsung Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge User Thread

    I had a 35mb update this morning. Not sure what it did though.
  7. Eclipse Info

    Awesome! I was in Grand Island, NE to see it. Simply amazing! Pictures and videos still don't describe the moment as seeing it in person.
  8. Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors thread

    I ordered the same exact way but about an hour later.
  9. Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors thread

    Shipping info changed again. Orders will begin shipping the week of 3/7. Geez.
  10. Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors thread

    Yea, mine came from Louisville, KY.
  11. Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors thread

    I also preordered through Sprint on Tuesday and received my gear VR today. Never got a tracking or shipping notification.
  12. Yea, that post was from 2 years ago. The Nexus 5 does not have that happen on it.
  13. LG Google Nexus 5 Users Thread!

    No problems at all on mine with the ota.
  14. God bless Bacardi.