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  1. Thanks, that's what I was trying to figure out. Weird.
  2. So is it actually called Sprint call screener or Sprint caller id? I have the caller id.
  3. If SCP is right, I've had LTE roaming.
  4. Just had another update today.
  5. Got mine for the 9. Just like the last update, mine is way bigger than the 9+. 518 MB.
  6. It did when it came out of the box in March. I updated my wife's S9 just now and hers was also 747MB. I don't know. Anybody find out any big changes yet? Or fixes?
  7. Meh, It is only 51 cents a line. Everything goes up in price anyways.I have 4 lines but I feel it's really not that huge of a deal to me to want to "jump ship". But yea, I agree with what travismheim says.
  8. I know mine has been locked on 1x 800 for 5 days straight wherever i go according to SCP.
  9. I saw that too. Does it help to have them all checked or are they not active yet?
  10. I'm having doubts for Monday. Mine says that the shipping label was created on the 8th and ready for pickup with 2nd day air service and a delivery for Monday the 12th. But there has been no activity since the label was created.
  11. Yup, mine was shipped today but tracking says delivery on Monday. Ugh.
  12. I got a inbound shipping notification from UPS that I will have a package delivered tomorrow. I believe it is the phone because it is the only thing I am having shipped to my home address.
  13. I had a 35mb update this morning. Not sure what it did though.
  14. Awesome! I was in Grand Island, NE to see it. Simply amazing! Pictures and videos still don't describe the moment as seeing it in person.
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