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  1. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I know the public request for these on the website is closed and I haven't checked the business area lately, but can people still order these? I know in the past I've checked both my work and home address for service, but I could desperately use this at work way more than I need at home. My apt is nicely blanketed in 3-4 towers with speeds above 100, but my work network pretty much shuts down to 0.1-0.75mbps thanks to the metal frame of our office and sitting between two large schools sharing only a couple nearby towers. Would I be able to order it for personal use, but mainly use at the office?
  2. My question to everyone who's only retort is how it hasn't happened, therefore it won't happen...why are you opposed to keeping the current provisions in place? If you claim it's pointless and has no necessity, why not just leave it be? This isn't knocking on wood, throwing salt over your shoulder or saying a quick prayer. Don't be so naive to believe that a stunt like that wouldn't be attempted if allowed. You seriously believe in the good Samaritan situation...from a corporation? What's the saying? Give them an inch and they'll take a mile. As for "Let these mega corps fight out who gets what profits, it make no never mind to me or you." where do profits come from? Payer's pockets. As a payer, I should have a say in where and how my money is spent. Not some corporation. Next thing you know, electric companies will say that if you want to watch tv while doing laundry at home, it'll be an extra 10cents to power your washing machine and possibly 5 more cents to power your dryer.
  3. Just because somebody hasn't done something, doesn't mean that they won't. The issue with all the net neutrality concern is that the protections to keep those scenarios from happening are at risk of going away. It's a precautionary measure, not a reactionary measure.
  4. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    You know he lives in Chicago and according to https://howmobileworks.com/spectrum/ that area isn't projected for B71 opening up until phase 6 in Q4 2019 and his frequent phone changing makes the lack of current B71support irrelevant
  5. Apple Watch monthly LTE Charge?

    What are the in store payment options? Website shows as only full price with wording to visit store for other payment options
  6. Apple Watch monthly LTE Charge?

  7. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    To anyone reporting failing at 20% during the initialization phase, think about what this unit is and how it works and you'll be better able to understand the problem and how they are most likely not defective units. This is a box that acquires all info from a signal broadcasted from a macrocell (think of it like a satellite box). If your box is unable to acquire that signal, it will not receive any information. Receiving that fail at 20% is a likely indicator that your unit is simply not able to get signal from a nearby tower to set up the unit. Anthony stated in a previous post that his unit even advised him to try another location To anyone not able to get past that 20% milestone, you should try a new location. If you can't find a place for the unit where it acquires signal (or you're in a known lack of B41 or B25), then you might consider returning your unit.
  8. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    As was stated, the Pixel is physically capable of B12 however T-Mobile doesn't have it listed as compatible on their own website https://www.t-mobile.com/optional-services/coverage-phones-700.html
  9. Official Magic Box discussion thread

    All these acceptance calls/emails from people without B41 are a little discouraging when I'm in San Antonio with moderate to decent B41 available and I was denied guess I'll wait and try again later when they are more available
  10. Network Vision/LTE - San Antonio market

    I'm restarting my phone at the moment. As of now I can't call, text, or get data unless I'm on wifi. My phone doesn't show that it's on WiFi-Connect, but after making and receiving test calls I can confirm that it is working. Once I switch off wifi, it all disconnects. After doing a reset, I am back to normal operations. That was weird
  11. Network Vision/LTE - San Antonio market

    Anyone having service issues this morning? I'm showing a signal, but not able to make/receive calls, texts, or data. I've put my iPhone on wifi and it won't even switch over to WiFi-Connect
  12. The article is speculating on the availability of gigabit LTE based on Apple choosing to source chips from both Qualcomm and Intel. One company has the technology currently available while the other does not. No lawsuits involved or battery performance testing. Just an assumption based on Apple's history of lowering the capabilities of one chip to not allow an unfair batch of iPhones. The article even discusses how minor an issue this is due to the lack of gigabit LTE networks and with Apple making yearly iPhone upgrades
  13. Mixed with the continuous reminder on the current contingencies for carrier aggregation, your first point almost argues against the ability for carrier aggregation at all with your mention of a lack of contiguous spectrum. There are already locations that have valid 2CA and 3CA operating. The discussion was in regards to changing the configuration of components in those areas from 1 to 2. The scenario you set up is asserting that small cells are currently present. That is a perfect example of where this can NOT work, yes, but is also heavily dependent upon small cells being present and currently they seem to be an exception rather than the rule for several markets. Now each of my posts has stated this is all "theory" and "conceptual", yet instead of discussing the possibilities you have merely demonstrated why it is currently not capable in your example. Is this thread not "On path to gigabit LTE..."? Interestingly, I see you also edited your previous post to remove your suggestion to look up white papers on the coexistence of TDD. There has been a more recent one done by GTI that discuses the path towards dynamic TDD, found below. An advantage brought up that I've never thought of is how switching to a configuration highly favoring uploads (most likely at night) allows the site to lower its power consumption. http://lte-tdd.org/Resources/rep/2016-09-06/9424.html
  14. Looking at the High Band Spectrum Depth map, Sprint owns 148-186MHz of high band spectrum in most major urban areas. Looking at the report I found on the study of "Coexistence of two time division duplex networks in the 2300-2400MHz band", using the same frequency separation practices, wouldn't Sprint be able to use some of the excess spectrum as guard bands to reduce the interference between a PCC (Config 1) and the SCC(s) (Config 2)? Using the current practices of the synchronous TDD-LTE system, each surrounding PCC would already be synchronized to each other and the SCC(s) would be synchronized as well to each other. This wouldn't need to be a nationwide concern as rural and most suburban settings could switch as a whole from Config 1 to Config 2 without introducing the asynchronous interference problems. I realize this is all conceptual and spectrum would need to be contiguous (as pointed out above), but with the current use of 3CA it's evident that there are cases of that existing. Assuming the spectrum puzzle pieces align allowing multiple CA, would this scenario not be a viable option? Also, would HPUE help mitigate some of the UE-UE interference due to a wider flexibility of power output? https://www.itu.int/dms_pub/itu-r/opb/rep/R-REP-M.2374-2015-PDF-E.pdf http://www.fiercewireless.com/wireless/2017-how-much-low-mid-and-high-band-spectrum-do-verizon-at-t-t-mobile-sprint-and-dish-own
  15. The keyword would be adjacent, right? Couldn't they in theory break them up to not be adjacent? They do own up to 120MHz able to be broken up into 20MHz chunks. Have Chunk A be PCC with Chunks C and E be SCC1 and SCC2. This would give them all a 20MHz gap inbetween Edited to ask additional question. Couldn't the secondaries actually go from Chunks C, D, E, and F since they would all be the same time configuration not needing to be guarded from interference?