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  1. Any chance of raising the limit of hotspot to 20GB (like the newly advertised Boost plan) or the throttled speeds up to 3G (like T-Mobile)
  2. The issue with low upload speeds are found on those that have their phones running background programs such as photo backups. With the upload speeds already lower priority, in congested areas or areas with weak signal, this causes a traffic jam if you want to throw in something simple like texting into the mix. Especially those with iPhones operating through iMessage. It's not a constant problem, but it's a noticeable problem in very real and possibly frequent scenarios, i.e. tourism. I'd much rather have the 100/100 over 200/8 option. To keep with the analogy, data is referred to as traffic for a reason and lets remember that in popular areas, traffic happens twice a day and the lanes need to be ready to handle both sides of the flow.
  3. cyclone

    Sprint Tmobile merger Disc.

    Has anyone yet piece together the similarities between Verizon's ideas of fixed 5G wireless and Clearwire's 4G? History is bound to repeat itself (though with some role mix-ups) with people choosing to partake in Sprint's mobile 5G version network over islands of 5G. Verizon will soon realize that it sucks to be on the wrong side of history.
  4. cyclone

    iPhone 8, 8+, X announced

    Me and a friend both have the same iPhone X model (256GB), both on the Sprint Freedom Unlimited plan, both under the 23GB deprioritization limit, both even using the exact same model phone case (Spigen Ultra Hybrid), however my phone always freezes up when trying to use data (Facebook, Pokemon Go, iMessages, etc.) in certain areas of town and his works just fine. My solution as of late has been to toggle my phone into 3G only mode whenever I'm in known crap areas. I've taken it to the Apple Store to have a diagnostic test run with nothing found. Any reason why my phone has worse signal? Any suggestions that might help? I've also already reset network settings, twice.
  5. Hence my quotation marks. I'm well aware that video above 1080p is overkill on a phone screen and the gaming and music caps are well more than enough for any usage. My only real concern is the restriction on using a vpn, but I don't use that enough alone to hit the 10GB cap. My question was if the switch is worth it. I went ahead and walked into a store today after work to have my plan switched over at the beginning of my next cycle.
  6. I'm on the fence with switching from Unlimited My Way to the current unlimited plan. Is the hotspot worth the "limitations" on video streaming? Can't decide if I should make the switch before any price changes which have been looming lately
  7. You also have to factor in early upgrades and forgiven debt from upgrading early. Those are full term prices
  8. cyclone

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    I know the public request for these on the website is closed and I haven't checked the business area lately, but can people still order these? I know in the past I've checked both my work and home address for service, but I could desperately use this at work way more than I need at home. My apt is nicely blanketed in 3-4 towers with speeds above 100, but my work network pretty much shuts down to 0.1-0.75mbps thanks to the metal frame of our office and sitting between two large schools sharing only a couple nearby towers. Would I be able to order it for personal use, but mainly use at the office?
  9. My question to everyone who's only retort is how it hasn't happened, therefore it won't happen...why are you opposed to keeping the current provisions in place? If you claim it's pointless and has no necessity, why not just leave it be? This isn't knocking on wood, throwing salt over your shoulder or saying a quick prayer. Don't be so naive to believe that a stunt like that wouldn't be attempted if allowed. You seriously believe in the good Samaritan situation...from a corporation? What's the saying? Give them an inch and they'll take a mile. As for "Let these mega corps fight out who gets what profits, it make no never mind to me or you." where do profits come from? Payer's pockets. As a payer, I should have a say in where and how my money is spent. Not some corporation. Next thing you know, electric companies will say that if you want to watch tv while doing laundry at home, it'll be an extra 10cents to power your washing machine and possibly 5 more cents to power your dryer.
  10. Just because somebody hasn't done something, doesn't mean that they won't. The issue with all the net neutrality concern is that the protections to keep those scenarios from happening are at risk of going away. It's a precautionary measure, not a reactionary measure.
  11. cyclone

    T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    You know he lives in Chicago and according to https://howmobileworks.com/spectrum/ that area isn't projected for B71 opening up until phase 6 in Q4 2019 and his frequent phone changing makes the lack of current B71support irrelevant
  12. cyclone

    Apple Watch monthly LTE Charge?

    What are the in store payment options? Website shows as only full price with wording to visit store for other payment options
  13. cyclone

    Apple Watch monthly LTE Charge?

  14. cyclone

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    To anyone reporting failing at 20% during the initialization phase, think about what this unit is and how it works and you'll be better able to understand the problem and how they are most likely not defective units. This is a box that acquires all info from a signal broadcasted from a macrocell (think of it like a satellite box). If your box is unable to acquire that signal, it will not receive any information. Receiving that fail at 20% is a likely indicator that your unit is simply not able to get signal from a nearby tower to set up the unit. Anthony stated in a previous post that his unit even advised him to try another location To anyone not able to get past that 20% milestone, you should try a new location. If you can't find a place for the unit where it acquires signal (or you're in a known lack of B41 or B25), then you might consider returning your unit.
  15. cyclone

    T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    As was stated, the Pixel is physically capable of B12 however T-Mobile doesn't have it listed as compatible on their own website https://www.t-mobile.com/optional-services/coverage-phones-700.html