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  1. The way you originally said it and what your saying now are totally different. You said it was information from a T-Mobile employee. Throttling a sprint sim and congestion on the sprint network are very different things.
  2. So what’s the throttle? A throttle would indicate some kind of speed cap which I am not seeing. Deprioritization maybe but those are very different.
  3. You won’t miss out on network upgrades going back to a sprint sim.
  4. While I definitely understand that I think any language can have a legal workaround. They took value away from my plan and I cannot replace it for close to the same price. If they take it away at the end of 3 years that’s fine, I understand that. They specifically took advantage of the language of this plan to be able to input a streaming cap when there was never intended to be one. It didn’t have anything to do with the merger terms.If it were then all legacy plans would have gotten the same treatment.
  5. I know it’s a long shot, but according to the merger terms it should of been honored as is. I would be happy with 1080 streaming compared to no throttle currently. Going from no throttle at all to 480 is ridiculous.
  6. It just depends on your situation. If you never really leave cities or main roads where coverage is pretty good then there is really no reason to TNX for SA 5g. If you frequent a place at edge of coverage like I do it may be worth it for SA. the problem is our plan should not change because of the merger and it does with TNX. When TNX becomes mandatory we have a right to complain about this and I hope everyone here with Everything Data does.
  7. Only problem is we’re going to have to fight for our HD streaming after TNX.
  8. Depends on the vpn and the server I believe. Many people use them for his video. Don’t quit fighting it either. We need all the fussing to possibly get their attention to do something. As for now they will probably just say TNX is optional and you can revert back to sprint sim. Once TNX is not optional, that’s when we need to fight it for sure.
  9. Same thing I am weighing in my mind. I’m on the same everything data plan. First off it’s bs that they are throttling our video once tnx’d. This needs to be fought. Once TNX is mandatory I will be fighting it. If that goes no where I will likely eventually TNX and use a vpn to avoid the throttle. The plan feature to cost just isn’t comparable currently. Even paying for a vpn would be cheaper to stay on everything data.
  10. Well if they show up and are T-Mobile sims then your doing TNX not tna.
  11. If your talking about tna then you can have that applied on a sprint sim. You said you moved over the other devices to tna via esim which you don’t have to have esim. TNX is switching SIM cards from a sprint to a T-Mobile sim. Tna is applied to your line when on a sprint sim.
  12. It depends if those devices are supported for tna. I’ve never heard anything about esim making a difference for tna.
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