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  1. What’s the iPhone SE on us deal T-Mobile announced for T-Mobile and sprint postpaid customers? Anyone know the details? Or is that only available for first responders? In the news release it says all T-Mobile and sprint postpaid customers.
  2. Does anyone know what markets T-Mobile is going to be focusing on after NYC?
  3. I thought it was just giving dish a certain, very good price for the first seven years. Not free use.
  4. Are you saying some sprint customers with iPhones are getting offered the update to prioritize the T-Mobile network?
  5. I just got it. Don’t notice any difference so far. My moms old 6s is on 41 and doesn’t seem like it will get the new carrier update yet.
  6. Service for me at home the past week on sprint seems to be a lot slower. Pings times are way higher than normal. Speedtests failing to start.
  7. I understand the need to move people over slowly but forcing them to upgrade their phones when many have just upgraded to a brand new iPhone or other device that is only LTE capable is not the right way in my opinion. If sprint customers can not get access to T-Mobile LTE network in decent amount of time or without buying a phone they don’t want or to spend $1000 that’s not right. Many sprint customers are on a lacking LTE network that is barely usable for a lot of people and now has no upgrades anymore. I can already see customers complaining and their not going to say “hey I’ll buy a $1000 phone to get better service” they are going to go back to the duopoly.
  8. Yeah I get there won’t be a loss of service but for people on LTE devices capable of both networks but stuck in a market or area that just doesn’t perform well on sprint LTE will still have a long wait for better days.
  9. Yeah I heard that before but with all the 5g talk and nothing about integration for LTE customers it doesn’t sound good.
  10. Maybe this is a dumb question but as more I hear it seems they are only working on 5g. Is there never going to be a network integration of the LTE networks? Are sprint customer going to be stuck on sprint LTE until they upgrade to a 5g device? Or will there eventually be a full integration or plan to allow sprint customers to access the full T-Mobile network on the LTE side?
  11. Yeah I posted last weekend that I was able to make VOLTE calls.
  12. They better keep some b71 for LTE. If they don’t their coverage footprint for LTE will shrink dramatically. That would leave a lot of places without any lowband LTE.
  13. Yes. We currently have 70gb. One question I forgot to ask the agent is what happens when I reach that limit? I just want to make sure there’s no overage charge.
  14. Promise this is my last post about plans... I just wanted to thank you for telling me about this and after 3 hours spend on the phone with sprint they finally added 50gb hotspot for no additional charge. Again thank you.
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