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  1. Not sure it will help but they filed a report for the area. I guess I’ll see.
  2. I really don’t understand it. Tempted to switch back to my Nexus 6p just to see if any devices are getting LTE roaming. Just frustrating because none of the carriers cover that area well and We can’t have U.S. Cellular anymore so... What do you suggest I tell Twitter chat support? The last time they wanted to try a device refresh from their end but I had to go through some link and I just gave up at the time.
  3. Yes, I currently have an iPhone XS. The closest city to where I’m experiencing this is the Florida, Missouri area. My parents, who have iPhone 6 and 6s both can’t connect to LTE. Family members with iPhone X and XR’s experiencing the same. Just unusable 3g most of the time. All these phones about 8 months ago could connect to U.S. Cellular LTE regularly. My phone worked fantastic between the US Cellular LTE and band 71 on T-Mobile up until around December or January. I’m guessing all those phones lost it around the same time.
  4. Thanks. I don’t really think I’m having having an issue roaming on U.S. Cellulars LTE unless everyone I know has the same problem. It just seems that LTE roaming isn’t active.
  5. What kind of issues were you having? What’s a “hands free activation”?
  6. I’ve only been seeing band 66 and 2 also.
  7. I did message them through Twitter a while back about it and they just told me the usual like trying to update profile and prl then after I told them I did that many times already they said well roaming coverage and quality is out of our control and basically said there was nothing they could do. I know it’s not just me. Many people that have sprint have been there also and can only connect to U.S. Cellulars 3g now and it’s unusable for them also. T-Mobile LTE works to a certain point but not at our weekend place now that I can’t access band 71 anymore. I know I’m just rambling but it’s frustrating because I know how good it can be and I spend a good amount of time there with basically unusable data.
  8. Spectrum gateways site shows they have nationwide 600 MHz. Most areas only have 5x5 mhz.
  9. They do have some 600 MHz. Not sure if it’s nationwide.
  10. Roaming on U.S. Cellular in the area I’m in seems very restricted. I can only get 3g even right below the tower I use to connect to LTE all the time. It’s also seems the 3g is either throttled or is very congested. The 3g never works during the day but will get somewhat usable after 10pm. People I know who have U.S. Cellular have been in the same place and have full LTE with good speeds while I’m stuck on unusable 3g. I use to get T-Mobile LTE roaming until they quit allowing band 71. My data roaming experience went from an A to a D in a matter of a few months. It’s basically just calls and text.
  11. It has been horrible for me the past few months. Pretty much useless data wise.
  12. Is network usage on U.S. Cellular restricted at all? I never can connect to their LTE anymore and 3g is hardly usable until after 10pm.
  13. Does anyone have any idea what will happen with Sprint’s roaming agreements with U.S. Cellular with this merger? That roaming is the main reason we even have sprint because none of the other carriers have solid coverage at our weekend place except U.S. Cellular.
  14. When I first started getting T-Mobile roaming was in October/November when I upgraded phones. Initially it was great and it would pick up band 71 with good speed and I always had U.S. Cellular LTE before that. But now i never connect to band 71 anymore which was the only T-Mobile band I could pick up in this location and now I am stuck on a useless unusably slow U.S. Cellular 3g except at around 11 at night when it somewhat works. I never connect to U.S. Cellulars LTE ever anymore. Can anyone explain why they aren’t at least letting me roam on U.S. Cellulars LTE? Coverage map shows Extended LTE coverage still.
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