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  1. I agree. What differentiates the Everything Data plan from kickstart except hotspot and unthrottled data? As for 5g I can get NSA 5g on a sprint sim (tna) but cannot get SA 5g unless I TNX and get throttled to 2.3 on video... Crazy.
  2. My whole point is 480p on the plan I’m on is not acceptable. On a sprint sim I’ll get no throttle at all if I TNX I’ll get throttled to 2.3.
  3. 1.5 is bare minimum to load 480p. 2.3 will only load up to 480p.
  4. The issue has not been corrected on plans that had no throttle. People on Everything Data that get TNX with go from unthrottled to a 480p 2.3 mbps cap on video.
  5. Well people with legacy unlimited plans with no throttle when switching to TNX are getting video throttle to 480p. T-Mobile is screwing us legacy plan customers.
  6. The example I’ve seen is on the Everything Data plan. Normally no throttle at all if I get 50 on speedtest I get 50 on fast. Another guy in this forum, switched one of his lines to TNX and went from no throttle to 2.3 max.
  7. Have you or anyone who has done the TNX sim swap noticed if your video speeds are throttled or not? I have seen a few examples of people switching to the TNX sim and being throttled to 2.3 on fast while getting over 100 on Speedtest .
  8. Does anyone with the iPhone 12/12 pro notice the phone gets pretty warm/hot when on 5g running speedtests or even FaceTime calls on WiFi? Mine seems to get warm fairly quick and chews through battery. I sorta expect the heat when on 5g running tests but FaceTime on WiFi I wouldn’t think should make the phone get hot.
  9. Anyone do any comparison in performance between the new iPhone modem vs previous iPhones? It seems like mine is performing worse on b71 LTE with low signal.
  10. Is seems like some sites nearby have n71 some don’t. It is in a rural area so it’s possible it’s backhaul related. Back in April when all the 600 spectrum was made available they changed from a 2x5 carrier to a 2x10 and performance was so much better at edge of signal. They have 2x15 in the area and only have 2x5 on LTE now and there’s more traffic than before so speeds are almost unusable. They also only choose to have 2x5 on 1900 as well which I know they have more. We all have 5g devices but I would rather it all or at least 2x10 be on LTE right now. The experience for the ma
  11. Does anyone know why a site with B71 LTE at this point wouldn’t have n71 5g online? Seems like many do but some sites with b71 don’t have n71 5g online yet? What’s the reason for this?
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