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  1. Is that confirmed? If heard conflicting info on if Sprint was affected or not.
  2. I’m still skeptical as well. I trust the source so we will see. Only thing I can think is they want to fix before TNX is mandatory because then people won’t have another option anymore and will be getting fcc complaints.
  3. I’ve heard from a decent source that legacy plans at least Everything Data will be fixed to get hd instead of sd like it currently is on TNX. It will have the same video experience as unlimited plus.
  4. I don’t think the speedtest app is being throttled which wouldn’t show a video throttle. It would show you can do 4k when you can’t. Ive heard that the video throttle on legacy plans is supposed to be fixed.
  5. I was at my cities freedom fest tonight which was presented (sponsored) by T-Mobile. They had a booth there and a COW site. During the concert T-Mobile became pretty much unusable for a period of time even with the COW. Does anyone know what these cows broadcast? Are they b66 only?
  6. Just so you know. Once you TNX on the Everything Data 1500 plan, your video will be capped to 480p. With the sprint sim there is no video cap.
  7. If your on an LTE device that’s correct but on a 5g device it doesn’t really matter both will be on the T-Mobile network.
  8. The iphones i believe will support VoLTE once they have the TNX sim. As for getting an s21. Since it is a 5g device it will use the T-Mobile network primarily even on a sprint sim. The sprint sim will connect to non keep sites if needed. I would personally try to stay on a sprint sim on that device unless standalone 5g is important to you.
  9. Has anyone with one of the iPhone 12 models with tna been experiencing periods frequently where your phone will not connect to 5g? I cannot explain it. Sometimes it happens when I lose service and sometimes just randomly. Sometimes I can force the phone to lose service completely and when it reconnects it finds 5g right away, other times I can’t get it to reconnect that way. I don’t think it’s a device issue hardware wise because all four of our iPhones do it. It doesn’t happen with our one device on TNX. It has to be some kind of software glitch with sim provisioning or something. Anyone else experiencing the same?
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