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  1. I get band 2 off T-Mobile but not band 71 anymore. As far as us cellular haven’t connected to their LTE once where I use to get it all the time now it’s us cellular 3g only.
  2. Why did they change it? Their roaming agreements are still in effect right?
  3. Has something changed with the roaming agreements or prl? I never pick up us cellular LTE anymore and hardly ever get T-Mobile roaming like I did when I first got this phone.
  4. Anyone noticing the radio performance has been getting worse? I’ve been especially noticing it when roaming. My phone will drop 3g all the time. I have noticed a big change in performance in a specific area where I roam now from when I got the phone in October. I no longer pick up us cellular LTE outside like I did before and don’t ever connect to T-Mobile band 71 when I use to. Did the new prls change something?
  5. Mine seems to be working ok so I guess it’s not everyone.
  6. Sprint posted today that people nationwide with iPhone X, XS, and XR are experiencing service issues. Anyone have anymore details on that?
  7. Seeing all the tweets from John Saw about all the Massive MIMO upgrades in all these cities, it has me curious if any of that is going on in this market? Is sprint aggressively doing upgrades in our market?
  8. So T-Mobile roaming is only allowed in certain areas?
  9. We’re talking about something with many variables and different situations but for me I didn’t notice much difference between 12.1.1-12.1.2. The radio in the original update to address signal issues or the one after seemed like when it was working the best for me. After that every change after seemed to go downhill. Hope they keep tweaking the radio.
  10. Also I was on T-Mobile roaming this morning on LTE and now I’m in another location where only has T-Mobile service and I know there’s LTE but my phone won’t connect to it but will connect to my cousins Verizon box that runs off WiFi. Why will I roam on T-Mobile some places and not others?
  11. I seem to lose data connection to while roaming and restarting the phone seemed to help also.
  12. I didn’t notice initially but the newest radio doesn’t seem to be transitioning as smoothly in roaming areas or holding onto a weaker signal. Kinda sad since at one point it seemed to be working flawlessly in my area and experience before.
  13. No. I’m on 12.1.2 and used T-Mobile roaming on Monday.
  14. So I updated my phone this evening and and changed the setting for voice to work over LTE. I made a call to someone on consumer cellular (which is at&t if I’m correct) and had WiFi off and my LTE logo was still up so I tried using data during the call and it worked throughout the call. Then a made a call after to a sprint subscriber after on an iPhone XS updated but did not have the setting enabled and my LTE dropped during the call. I understand why it wasn’t working on the second call but how was it working during a call with an AT&T user? Does volte work across carriers?
  15. So far in my house next to a xs on the older radio it seems to be on band 41 in a place in my house where the older radio is on band 25. This is a very initial comparison so I’m not saying it’s better or worse yet just my first observation.
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