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  1. Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    With such a strong signal I thought it had to be the magic box. I wonder why that store has one if there is a small cell right down the block that reaches. I would hate to find out that they are sending them to stores to promote. there are so many customers waiting to get one.
  2. Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    i thought that scp pro was suppose to say magic box instead of B41 MM. I'll have to go back there and see what it is.
  3. Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    What makes you think that? What could it be?
  4. Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    was walking past a sprint store in NYC yesterday night and figured it open SCP to see if I was connect to any sort of small cell in the store. To my surprise I was connected to a MM, which is odd when you are in the middle of the block. Most MM in NYC are on street corners. After walking past the first window and past the door I saw a magic box sitting in the 2nd window.
  5. Not really sure going by past experience and sensorly and the coverage map. in the past i would of said 1x verizon but 3g verizon roaming has been more common recently but now ATT LTE roaming has started to pop up. Would be great if you let us know your experience.
  6. It going to be spotty 3G or roaming. If you are going to Hunter mountain you will have service though.
  7. There was only 4 LTE sites between Albany and Binghamton. 2 were in Oneonta and 1 or 2 near Cobleskill. This is great news. There is also a lot of LTE between Binghamton and Liberty along NY17. Before there was none at all. This doesn't up on the coverage map either. I've spoke to someone at Sprint who is in touch with the coverage map team and they are fully aware of the issue. I missed the cut of for the update last month. Hopefully will be in the September update in about a week. If not defiantly in October.
  8. This is great news. Hopefully they do some full builds as well so they can get 3xCA
  9. Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    Connected to B41 for the 1st time in a subway station @ 59th Street . I know its existed in some of them but I have never connected to it before. You would think all the major station like 34th, 42nd, and 14th Streets would have it but I have never found it there. Every station luckily has the 2nd B25 carrier.
  10. Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    That's not a sprint site. There is a Sprint Site across the street and it looks like another carrier or 2 is on there as well. https://goo.gl/maps/dVdgo164aJk
  11. Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    Did anyone else see this tweet? https://twitter.com/guengott68/status/897867126756790272 Pretty cool to see what exactly is inside one of the grey boxes I see all over NYC and now I've seen in Queens.
  12. Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    Was in Queens on Friday and connected to a B41 MM site. I believe it was one of the grey box sites on a pole due the the amazing signal. It was somewhere near https://goo.gl/maps/QSxZahYUC2C2 . After loosing connection to that site while driving east on Metropolitan Ave I saw a building located here https://goo.gl/maps/wYq3AoaJeWQ2 . I believe I sawSprint Antennas for B25/B25/B41. Signal Check Pro Confirmed and I was able to hit 30Mbps with B41 and SCP showed a 3rd Carrier. I don't have a screenshot for that. MM B41 site 2XCA
  13. Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    SCP showed 2x CA
  14. Network Vision/LTE - New York City Market

    I finally had the chance to enter Penn Station through the new 8th Ave entrance and go into the new West End Concourse. I was told Sprint had a new DAS inside. I was happy to see my phone on B41 the entire time I was in the concourse and it even stayed on B41 when I went down on the track level. Speeds were 30 to 60 Mbps at around 5:30PM. Unfortunately I stay on the other end of the station because its allows for easier access to my car when I get off the train and a shorter walk when I get into the city. The DAS in place there is only 3G and it doesn't reach the lower track level too well. \ I have a feeling Sprint isn't going to upgrade this for a while. When the new Penn Station under the post office is build they will have a new DAS there as well. When they close down the current Penn Station and renovate it they will upgrade the 3G DAS. Once that is complete and the 3 section are combined in to Empire Station the entire station will have good service.
  15. bottom looks like sprint. the next two look like verizon and at&t. there is also an empty rack