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  1. @upsuper 五花肉

  2. Verizon shrinking coverage in Maine.

    I think that LTEiRA partner in Washington County does not sell services directly. It just builds and operate the network for Verizon
  3. RT @thecryptovalley: Following Cloudflare's #ChangeYourPassword day in February, Equifax reminds us you should change your name and date of…

  4. @chenshaoju rm -rf

  5. #AmexMarriott

  6. What app are you using that could show Bandwidth? Does it require root?
  7. DISH Acquires DBS and OTT Assets from EchoStar

    Is EchoStar the parent company of Dish? Or they just happened to be owned by the same person?
  8. Franklin r850

    It appears that only support 2x10. So CA on B25 if you got second carrier?
  9. Finally see some B26 in WA.
  10. One question, what's the difference between 8T8R and 8x8 MIMO?
  11. T-Mobile LTE & Network Discussion V2

    Yes. VoLTE on T-mobile is pretty good. I don't understand why AT&T is so shy about VoLTE and making it available to very limited devices.
  12. pdvWireless Petition/900 MHz Band

    I don't see how they could succeed
  13. pdvWireless Petition/900 MHz Band

    I don't quite understand. So, they basically building a LTE network similar to FirstNet.
  14. pdvWireless Petition/900 MHz Band

    I don't see what kind of advantage they have to run Push to talk on LTE.
  15. Verizon leasing 28 GHz and 39 GHz spectrum

    So, what 5G technology will look like.