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S4GRU.com is now out of Beta stages...hello Mainstream!

S4GRU Members and Readers:

Today is an exciting day, because I decided to pull S4GRU.com out of beta stage.  The amount of comments are way down and the IP Board environment has exceeded our expectations!  Do any of you remember how slow and painful our servers were over in the Spruz environment?

We have come a long way in a few short months.  I really appreciate all your support.  S4GRU.com has really taken off, especially in the past week, since we started in our expose of device articles.

I want to thank our writers, sponsors, members and even you readers who have not joined to date.  Sprint 4G Rollout Updates and S4GRU.com is a collaborative community.  Even though I lead this endeavor, I have a wonderful supporting cast.  And here we all have a part.

S4GRU.com really is a home for all of us.  It's becoming a unique and friendly environment for the enjoyment of our members.  I am excited to think about where we are headed in the next few months.  May we always be a place for us...the outcasts of the wireless world!

Thanks for making this all possible.  Without you, I would just be a wireless geek sitting in the corner desperately longing for friends!

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