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When do I become a 3G level?  At 100 posts?   Let's check. 


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    **or an Android device of equal or lesser value**


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    • By thatrandomguy
      So Network Vision is slowly but immensely improving the overall experience on Sprint. Luckily living in the Bay Area a large amount of this work has already begun and is continuing each day. For a while I was seeing improvement and loved Sprint for every moment. At the begging of this week all of this suddenly disappeared, being an avid reader of this site I assumed it was an upgrade and just continued on with my day. Now it's near the end of the week and no improvement whatsoever. Basically I would like to know if this is a device related problem (iPhone 4, iOS 6.1, PRL 51094) or if it's an network upgrade which I'll just ignore.
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    • I noticed the same thing when I sent my  airave back about 4 years ago.  My bill decreased by approx $3/month.
    • I'm still on the fence about updating my 5S to iOS11... I really like 10.3.3 on it and by far my favorite thus far since I got it early last year. I don't know? Should I download now or wait? Is iOS11 really worth it?
    • For me...I believe unlimited and prices are the most at risk for a merger.  They will likely make promises to regulators not to scrap unlimited or raise price for one year.  They won't offer it initially when presenting  for approval.  But it will be one of the things they offer early to help anti-trust issues.  And if they get desperate, they'll offer more than a year. I don't think prices will double overnight, or anything.    But Tmo cancelled unlimited before.  And it was only Sprint who held firm.  Not that Sprint is some holy protector of unlimited.  They did it only to differentiate and try to compete.  In a Triopoly world, if the new Tmo drops unlimited again, AT&T and VZW would follow suit quickly.  They can't wait to go back.  It will only be a mere Legere business decision to end unlimited in the USA.  Maybe forever. I personally don't use much data anymore.  It's not a big deal to me, all things considered.  I like unlimited data because I hate constantly keeping track, and having to constantly meter my behavior over a remaining period.  I hate that.
    • that price is out of control, no thanks.   EDIT- No thread yet for the Pixel 2?
    • Totally agree Red Dog!   Absolutely.    In many ways I feel that T-Mobile is showing Sprint that "you need to get off your *** and fix your network or you are going to get crushed." (if not by us, then by AT&T or Verizon)...  If you want to be a legit contender for a merger... get moving!       I think they are.   Masa has wanted it since the beginning... don't know what happened so quickly to make them act?  It's just good to see.      T Mobile is tearing it up and not sitting on it's heals.  They are already getting 600 MHz put in areas they can turn it on now... They are actually ahead of phone release!   As far as prices and those concerned... I get the sense from some, that this whole thought of merging is just out of control like a spirit of doom.   Bills will rise unfairly... etc... it may not be said verbatim... but the feeling is there.    What I'm trying to say to those,  is: don't  panic... I think  the possibilities are endless, with all that spectrum and the determination to use it.   Did I say... The DETERMINATION to use it...    The capital to use it...  I think the combination with it's Spectrum and depth...  will be a game changer.  I think "T-Mobint" will still be the disruptor.   I don't see them backing down in the fight with the big two....    I still  see unlimited in the cards... Time will tell.       
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