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  1. We are not getting both Netflix and Hulu included free. (one or the other) Unless prices are raised. It maybe offered in a new video service to compete with cable/satellite.
  2. My prediction is TMobile will buy the naming rights to the Raiders new Las Vegas Stadium and call it The New T-Mobile Coliseum to go along with T-Mobile Arena they already have rights for.
  3. Hoping the Sprint Tower closest to my home is kept and T-Moible equipment is added. I hear if the deal falls through, the only penalty T-Mobile will pay is that Sprint customers will still be able to roam on T-Mobile. That will be huge for rural Sprint Customers with T-Mobile's 600mhz.
  4. @HowardKurtz @GillianHTurner @guypbenson @adrienneelrod So glad @CNN got rid of your sorry ads. @brianstelter is 100x better.

  5. @kushlover78 @MartinaGrey1 @Michaelschurtz2 @jaketapper @Comey You can be self employed and have a 401K. Now move on troll.

  6. @vallecitoswater How about lower our bills. I don't water my lawn now and my bill is $130 a month for 4 people. You are crooks.

  7. @Mike2348 @ChrisLoesch @DLoesch @DETECTIVE4LIFE @JGilliam_SEAL You seem triggered by a teenager Seek your safe place.

  8. @MateoMokarzel @therealroseanne @Locs_n_Laughs Thank you Governor Brown. Making California Great Again.

  9. @MJMcKean Trump would have a hard time grabbing it with his small hands.

  10. @stevemacwv @CNNPolitics @KellyannePolls They want the story to be liberals are talking about a woman's look. Her h… https://t.co/M5UbB6Yypj

  11. @CBSNews Reporting on fake outrage from right media outlets and paid Russian trolls is #FakeNews

  12. @Alwaystand4flag @KTLA @PhilTing Good going Bobby. What's your business?

  13. #NCAATournament disgrace #BOYCOTT all #NCAATournament sponsors https://t.co/bEviI1FVzP

  14. @cristinapalumbo the Oscar page has In Memoriam pages. Jay Thomas is listed but without a photo. https://t.co/LjTjtvW8L4

  15. Free soap #TriggerAConservativeIn2Words

  16. @AnthonyCumiaxyz On the other hand, we do know military and federal employees private data was breach while on gove… https://t.co/PAidUk6CQv

  17. @RealGataMala @Paulinetourlady @Justice4Alex93 @davidhogg111 @FLGovScott @BarackObama were, not where

  18. RT @adamcbest: Why are Trump supporters making fun of Michael Moore for accidentally attending a rally Russians promoted? If you attended…

  19. @AnthonyCumiaxyz How about the shells?

  20. @MemoirScribe @Rep_Hunter @shaunwhite Creepy.

  21. @glennbeck Bullshit

  22. @AP We are tired of all the winning.

  23. @cristinapalumbo Caesar's Revenge coming soon to Olive Garden

  24. RT @MSNBC: There were less jobs created under President Trump than in the previous five years https://t.co/kVvESqCBku

  25. @joanwalsh @ChrisCuomo A fairy tale?

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