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  1. Looks to be a beautiful bangel. I got a female bangel and she's a handful haha.
  2. doakills

    S4GRU post merger

    If the merger happens, the next chapter and expansion will be huge.
  3. doakills

    Official Magic Box discussion thread

    Put my name in the hat day they announced it. No call yet.
  4. Out of curiosity, I work for one of the Tier 1 railroads and we just switched to these really nice pole mounted LED lights (similar to the picture above). Once these lights were activated the LED light was putting out some RF that started to interfere with the VHF / UHF Channels our radios operate on. Would this type of RF, if present, mess with these base stations?
  5. When ever this might happen..... I still find 1x and EVDO in a lot of cold and far places in Oregon / Washington once you leave the corridor areas. Makes me sad
  6. doakills

    Huawei Nexus 6P (was [Rumor] Huawei Nexus phone?)

    Outside the disputes in this thread. My real issue is I'm on easy pay right now with nexus 6 with my annual upgrade available November 1st. Signs so far are pointing that they won't be offering neither phone through the carrier at all. Kind of a catch 22 since I can't just hand in this nexus 6 November 1st and be done unless I pay the balance.
  7. I just tried my wife's nexus 5 and its not working. No debug screen message comes up. The android m (6) preview has it back now.
  8. Android M preview 3 out. Nexus 6 returns with lte engineering screens!
  9. They do that, they just wrecked there entire company image with one word, "comcast".. That SOB company just need to fall off the face of the planet.
  10. I know when I was in Manhattan, IL and neighboring areas around the Sprint service was pretty solid, 800LTE and 2.5 service. I hardly fell back to 1900, maybe in a really bad building at best and even at that, only when there was 0 800 available. Far as signal/bandwidth was concerned, it was nothing near my Portland, OR speeds, but I was pulling 15 to 45mbps the entire time there.
  11. ^ this. Its been great seeing all these new plans but non of which let me apply my discounts! 100$ + 20% would be amazing!
  12. Portland, OR area has a nice flux of towers up and running now. I'd venture to say that 60-70% of our towers have 2.5 live? I haven't found to many spots that aren't running yet. Those 2.5 towers pull 35-70mbps depending on the day. Then we get b25 lte and its pulling 18-23mbps (sometimes 30? if its not loaded). Theirs only a handful of b26 even live in Portland so I cant even honestly speak to it.
  13. Going to chime in here, but my Portland/Vancouver B41 sites that I can tell to be optimize perform almost on par to my b25 counterparts with the major difference in speed that sets them aside. a 3 bar b25 I pull 11-15mbps at best? A 3 bar b41 signal I pull 30-40mbps... The bandwidth is so much wider then the b25 due to its frequency that its smoother for me. This is all at the same location, no moving around.
  14. doakills

    Sprint matching tmobile $100 offer

    Yeah sprintcare on twitter replied pretty quick to the corp discount, and was big no. So framily plan I stay.. For unlimited data / annual upgrade it still cost me 45 a month.. so either way I suppose its still 5$ cheaper.. Edit: Actually.. I get a discount on my data charges per line with my discount. so I pay 41$ a line for unlimited. So only way they could match me on this would be to discount the unlimited family to 80.00. So i'll pass.
  15. doakills

    Motorola Google Nexus 6 Users Thread

    Honestly for the handful of sites and my testing I did on I-205 going from PDX to Tualatin, OR; I also have a few sites near me in Vancouver that are B41 enabled. I haven't encountered any problems with voice calls at all. If anything I got complements that I sounded better? I have however had drop out issues on LTE where it will lose signal, and take 30s-1minute to connect back again, forcing doesn't help either. Outside the drop outs occasionally its been pretty solid for me.